On behalf of Walsall Supporters For Change, I would like to seek a little bit of input before going ahead with fundraising for Acorns Walsall.

We have a football card with 40 teams on it. My idea is to charge £20 per square, so that when full there is a pot of £800.

The split would be £400 to the winner; £400 to Acorns Walsall.

Would people here be interested in taking part if we ran this? A little bit of extra cash for Christmas, plus a good donation to a very worth local cause, who’s work I have seen first hand through volunteering in the past.


Ye i would be up for it @RobHarv3y :wink:

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I’m up for a square

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Will it work for international fans?

Yes I’ll have a go to help out @RobHarv3y

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Yes, I don’t see why not. PayPal or Bank Transfer