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Looks like Rory has or is due to leave.

Not needed so no point having him around. I’d rather some kid was 4th choice.

Shamrock Rovers were my Irish team, until now.

Brilliant bit of business.

A brilliant bit of business would have been not signing him in the first place. And getting somebody better.

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He has to pass the medical yet - and I thought the reason given for why he’s not been playing was an injury??

Does Ireland have different transfer rules then?

He’ll probably score 30 goals there. Preston have a player who didn’t work out, went back to actually play for Shamrock and he scored 5 in their last game.

Simply hasn’t worked out on the pitch and has my sympathy if he’s also got personal issues as has been rumoured.


I was unaware of this, what is the rumour?

Yeah they play over the summer their season has only just started.

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Can’t remember if it came on here or Liam Keen tweeted that he wasn’t on the bench for one game due to family/personal reasons but could be wrong. This was a few weeks back.

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Things just didnt work out, he had a few family issues from last September and carried that on his shoulders he has already returned home… The injury was a smokescreen. Rovers are the biggest club in Ireland with average home attendance of 4000 and will play in Europe. I believe he had no choice in moving home…


Does he need a lift?

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Best news since LP took over!!!

Cya Gaffers, Dont let the door hit you on the way out


Shame this couldn’t have happened a month ago and freed up some wages to strengthen us in other departments. He’s no longer needed here with Lavery, Gordon and Adebayo hopefully keeping up his form.

Another plus point is with our season now petering out, we won’t see him getting game time and blocking the possible development of some of our kids should they be given a chance.

Not a bad move for him either, best of luck to him.


Ah yes, but then we’d have had no excuse!


Shame… he was a good co-commentator on iFollow the other week…

Is Candlin actually still at the club?

I can’t understand how he got a loan to Blackburn even if it was more of a development one and yet countless managers here don’t even think he’s good enough for the bench and a few minutes at end of it.

Get him and Perry on there and give them some chances in the run in.

Shame it did,nt work out. Think some fans over react .No need for personal comments. Good look Gaffers.


There is a God after all!!! If he wants a lift to the airport I’m free anytime except Sundays!!!

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He just wasn’t a good fit here. I wish the lad well.