Game as seen by Vale fans

Interesting that when we get an away result, opposition fans always say we were the worst team to play them all season.
Reading the Vale forum is also very enlightening, they accuse Walsall of being the most cynical team they have played this season.
They accuse our players of throwing themselves to the ground and playing dead.
They claim tackles on Pope were X rated and those on Smith could have broken his neck.
They are very critical of the referee, who they claim let us get away with murder.
All of this conflicts strongly with the WM guys who covered the game on I Player.
They must have watched a different game to those of ours who travelled and reported on here.


It seems the clayheads have gone soft in this modern snowflake world.


I was in and around the Burslem area on business yesterday and they are not best pleased.

It’s a bit rich coming from a set of supporters who absolutely loved their timewasting, cynical football under Micky Adams.

Also, they all seem to be forgetting the numerous off the ball incidents that Leon Legge was inflicting on Josh Gordon.

I work in Stoke for most of the week. I will be careful where I park my car this week as I sport a Saddlers car sticker.

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Even better result then knowing it’s upset them.


Very wise DS, they are fuming i tell ya!

Anyone remember that horrific Tony Rougier tackle on Gino Padula at Vale Park? Pretty much took him out at the thigh and only got a yellow. Kept GP out for weeks and we went on a poor run of form that ultimately saw us relegated.

Huge dose of footballing karma at the Millennium Stadium a few years later.


They are fools, From tom pope too there fans they are fools! Nothing but bad mouthed us as fans and a club…

“leg” wouldn’t stop giving josh niggles and knocks

Wes took a few sharp tackles

If your gunna play rough dont cry when it goes against you.

Always have and always will be a horrible little club with even more horrid fans.

Tom pope is a plum aswell after all them tweets.

Sore losers and all that

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■■■■ em bunch of ■■■■■■■ :fu:t2:


Tom and their fans should be asking why they got beat by “the worst team they’ve played this season”.


Our fans never write any ■■■■ like that, do they? :joy:

To be fair, I think we’re actually pretty good at recognising our own failings and not crying about opposition ‘cheating’, just because we lost.

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I’d say the same about our fans if they said anything as stupid as that. I’ve never understood fans that are quick to insult a team that just beat them, doesn’t say a lot for yourselves does it?

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People at my office are Stoke fans if they have any interest at all so no opportunity to gloat. However, we had training going on today and heard a young bloke in reception talking about having to get some Man City tickets. I asked if he was Vale and he said yes. I just raised my arms and shouted ‘Saddleeeeers!’ We had a brief chat and we agreed that, on the day, my team was slightly less worse than his.


Christ almighty you have my deepest sympathies!


I couldn’t care less what any Vale fan says. If they are annoyed by our win that just makes it sweeter. :stuck_out_tongue:


Some do often. Examples on the match threads this season.

There are better sets of fans than Vale. And Stoke for that matter. Not one of my fave areas tbh.

If you want to see a ‘city’ dying on its arse come to Stoke. I live 30 miles from Stoke and I savour every one of those miles driving home.