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Thought we’d got a game tonight ?
Quiet on here !!

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I think is where reality starts to bite somewhat. Morecambe at home on a January Tuesday night with very little to play for. We had a half-decent few weeks results wise, so much so that in this awful league we were within a similar good run of results going forward of getting into the group chasing play-offs. The January window represented another decent opportunity to refresh and build on the positive momentum, but again (so far) we havn’t done enough for whatever reason. As a result I think there could be some incredibly flat match-days in the remaining months of which this could be the first, and that doesn’t help anyone, not least Pomlett and his 5k ambitions.


I’m increasingly sure that that 5k call is based on nothing but “please, please all turn up to the games”. There seems little in the way of ambition in terms of team strengthening. And the matchday experience has little more than lip service paid to it.


I’m as disappointed as anyone else that we’re not making that big signing that would potentially see us around the play offs. But, to be fair, we’ve signed a midfielder who, at first sight, is better than kinsella, who is a weak link and we’ve signed a very promising and exciting young winger. That’s pretty good if not headline grabbing business.

It’s not enough though is it…you can’t ask for 5k home fans without giving the supporters optimism and a sense of better times ahead . I would be really worried if I was Pomlett because many are beginning to feel deflated now and season ticket sales and attendances next season could be at an all time low .

I agree, most definitely the club is going down the young player route in attempt to rebuild itself. Two, or three problems with that (or maybe even four!) Firstly its a long game that could easily see the positive momentum of “new regime” wasted, opportunities like that don’t come along very often as history shows. Secondly, its a very risky strategy that without the addition of SOME proven quality can quite easilly blow up in your face. Thirdly, If any of these young players really start to shine they’re going to be off quicker than Bonser’s power-boat given that none of them are on lucrative, or particularly long contracts, one you mention is on loan and we dodged the bullet of losing McDonald this January. Fourthly, the manager keeps saying he wants experience in key positions, but he never seems to get what he wants - ominous.


Isn’t it enough? Which would excite you more - signing 10 players with the pedigree of Guthrie but who don’t live up to the hype, or signing 10 youngsters from championship clubs who have great pedigree and potential? I think Nolan looks to be an exceptional and exciting signing.


I don’t rate Guthrie so I would not want players like him . But I would certainly like to have 2 or 3 experienced decent quality players come in January. Or am I being greedy having spent a fortune on matches travel merchandise etc this season and feeling a touch misled?

You’re not greedy at all, I was just making the point that, over the last 4 seasons or so, we have,on occasion, signed experienced players with a decent reputation and, in the main, they haven’t done the business. We do need some but it needs to be the right sort, as much for helping the youngsters to fulfill their potential as anything. How we miss chambers.

And you don’t rate Guthrie, quite rightly, because despite arriving with quite a reputation, he’s failed to apply himself, not got himself fit and not looked like he’s really committed to being here.


Easy win tonight. Morecambe are rubbish. I will go for 3-0. I am watching from the warmth of my house. The crowd will be the lowest for a league game so far. UTS.

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The problem with signings like Guthrie, is that he came from a season playing in Indonesia. Now I don’t know what the standard of football is like in Indonesia, but I can’t imagine it compares to a 50 game slog in any of our lower divisions. When we sold Cook for a £100k profit I’m sure we could, and I definitely believe we should have used that money to get in a (preferably) experienced target man of the type you invariably need in your squad in this league. I don’t see why that money couldn’t have seen us compete in the Eoin Doyle, Danny Rose, or even Colby Bishop market. Even cheaper than that you look at the job someone like Chris Porter has done at Crewe, and Crewe pre-season were talking about having one of the smallest budgets in this league.


Havent been to a night match so far this season due to the kids but im going tonight .just got a bad feeling its gna be a bore 0-0 with no attmosphere

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it is worrying the DC is not getting his targets, we might be some experienced players coming in but no quality.
L2 side at the bottom half of the table are not going to attract anything remotely resembling quality…simple fact!

You can guarantee that anyway! I’ll be there tonight, first chance I’ve had since Christmas, similar feeling that its going to be fairly flat.

50 from Morecambe maybe? Like Geordie says, for some reason this is the first time its really bitten hard with where we find ourselves. Lets all raise a glass to our saviour Jeff!


If things carry on I can see mid to low 3000 crowds towards the end of this season and a lot less people buying season tickets for next season making 5000 crowds a thing of fantasy.

I am looking for a resounding win tonight against a team that has so far let in 51 goals this season and has a goal difference of -26.
Surely not too much to ask for ………. is it ?

Yes! Because he will probably have Adebayo up front again!

When you put it like that even adebayo should be able to grab a goal

Guthrie has been a major let down - I believe that he has been our second worst signing after Guffney. I expected a lot from Guthrie given his pedigree but he has been shi…Shocking! The sooner he’s gone the better.

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