Game postponements

Wimbledon have written to the EFL complaining about matches being called off and the possible competitive disadvantage it gives some teams.


Spot on

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There have been many in football, particularly the PL, who for years have been agitating for a Xmas / New Year break. With such large squads it seems that Covid has been something of a convenience. They’ve got their wish.

I applaud AFC Wimbledon for their effort, but I fear it’s an exercise in futility.
The EFL will politely respond by doing absolutely nothing.


Actually not all that bothered, our games have been shite all season . :joy::joy:

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Agreed.I posted elsewhere that matches should be played. I remember playing Norwich City in the late fifties during a bout of “asian flu” We had to field a weakened team but still won 2-1. Of course during that epidemic there were no tests being done ,no social distancing and certainly no merchants of doom telling how to live our lives!!!
To get back on topic I cannot understand all these postponements .Clubs have large squads and most have Youth teams so lets play the games. I notice also that Newport mention Covid and INJURIES in their statement. Enough said!!!


Irrelevant. We’re not being given the chance to play shite because other teams are playing a different game! Don’t mind the away games but a team crying off for a home match in a holiday period? They’re costing us valuable money.


Prem teams …can’t get 14 players on the pitch during covid…but want 5 subs.

Am I missing summat ?


I’m glad it isn’t only me confused by their logic.


Unfortunately football needs a 3/4 week circuit breaker, clubs need to take some responsibility over their players moving forward.

Swindon being a great example, which idiot sanctioned their Xmas party in London :man_facepalming:


What is the point of a circuit breaker ?

just means more games to fit into a shorter space of time.

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Next season is due to start sooner as it is .

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Well, had to try and get a football fix somewhere so going to Stafford Rangers vs Nantwich - 3pm KO.

May do Solihull vs Stockport tomorrow if I can be arsed

Personally I think it gives clubs a few weeks to get their act together, no excuses from that point.

I think I may have different views to that letter than the majority by the looks of it. Although saying that I’m not 100% sure, it is such a mess and so many different things are said it is hard to know what is right.

There is this quote

“The pandemic certainly takes no prisoners but ever since it struck we have taken exhaustive measures to protect our players and ensure we were always able to field a starting X1.”

Stating that they had ensured they were able to field a starting 11 ever since the pandemic struck. Yet they cancelled one in November 2020, declaring they were taking a circuit breaker after a number of positive tests within the camp. Would that have been of less importance to them because there was no match day income to lose? Totally understandable of course, all clubs are doing their best to survive but I don’t see the point in getting on the high horse about things now.

You can do lots of different things to try and prevent the spread of Covid but in the end it can happen to any club. Anyone can catch Covid, unless all players and staff are completely isolated from their wives, children etc. I don’t know the actual answers, but I do think there should be more transparency. There shouldn’t be any shame attached to catching Covid. They have a good record with it right now and it is admirable that they are taking all measures possible, but there is every chance it could hit their camp at any time.

They are obviously smarting from losing a couple of big gates and I totally get that, but I don’t think it is a time for any kind of blame game personally.

I do agree that something needs to be done and it is possible that fixtures should go ahead unless there are extreme circumstances, but I’m not sure about comments like this one

"If we can make all this work - on such limited resources - then so should the rest. "

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