Games Behind Closed Doors, Refund?

Not a season ticket holder so will not affect me but if we were forced to play behind closed doors would you (season ticket holders or tickets purchased in advance) expect or request a refund?

As we only have 4 home games left I would like to think I would pass up on the refund to help support the club.

Just had a thought, is there anything in the T&C’s to say if a ‘Bury’ happened or games are cancelled for non related football reasons refunds are given or not?

If that’s the case sir Ken shouldn’t you be buying one in the first place

I work alot of Saturdays and weekday evenings as a support worker so very rarely get chance to go now unfortunately.

Fair enough , we’ve all been in that position at some point , work has to come first :+1:


Unfortunately yes, atm I am off for the Oldham game but no doubt that will change.

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I really hope it doesn’t come to this. If necessary the lower leagues should be postponed, not played behind closed doors. The summer football calendar doesn’t affect us, so imo we should delay the season and finish in May/June if required.


As a season ticket holder I wouldn’t expect a refund. However, I would like to have my loyalty recognised in some way once we are out of Coranavirus situation.


I agree I would not want a refund either…perhaps free entry to a cup game next season would be an idea to consider in recognition.


Media reports suggest that all Football League season ticket holders would have access to remaining games via iFollow.


Exactly this

I wouldn’t demand or expect a refund. Free access to iFollow is alright. I could imagine Pomlett offering season ticket holders a free ticket to a cup game too next season.
Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this.


Or for the entire cup run?

Oh sorry you did same ‘a game’ :rofl:

I’d expect the club to offer a refund, just as I’d expect most season ticket holders to decline it. In old parlance the virus is an act of God, and as such beyond anyone’s control.


The wages of the players would still have to be paid and those are worked out with season ticket sales in mind so would only damage the clubs finances even more and we are taught not to hurt the things we love.
I wouldn’t expect a penny back as this is no ones fault, as suggested if a free ticket for cup game is offered then I think that would be a nice gesture (something I’d expect the new regime to do) however if nothing was given I certainly wouldn’t be to worried about it


I did a lot of reading of other clubs sites to see how the cancelled Bury game was handled. Nearly all said exactly the same:

  • Not obligated to refund under the T&Cs of the ticket.

  • Cannot give refund as the money taken was already used/allocated to budgets.

All of them offered future rewards- either a discount on next seasons season ticket(the majority) or a free cup game.

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Well that’s ok then cus we didn’t get any players in the transfer window, there should be loads of money left for refunds :joy::wink:

Fixed. :grinning:


If the match was played behind closed doors, what about giving season tickets holders a code to get free access to an online stream (I follow?) then non season ticket holders could buy a pass for the match so Walsall could still possibly still make some money.

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So it looks like Ireland are closing various public spaces and banning large gatherings, but we are not - meaning that (at the moment) you can still go to watch our game at Macc on Saturday, but you can’t go and watch Rory Gaffney play for Shamrock Rovers tomorrow night. Win win!!


Just watching Man Utd playing in the Europa League behind closed doors , it’s not great is it .