Garry Pendrey

He must be the most unlikely player ever to score on his debut for us. Not known for his goalscoring exploits. :grinning:

I’ve added that to the article now cheers. Looks like he only scored 4 goals for Blues in his time there so to score for us was a bit of a rarity in his career!

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Yes Winnie was superb at pulling a pint too… better then anyone else at the Saddlers Cub I’d say! She lived to a good age too passed away about 10 -15 years ago I think.

Winnie was a right loff…one match night in the saddlers club, half a dozen Wednesday players , all blazered up up etc , posing and preening themselves.

Win says to 'em " Yow lot might be good looking . but yow cor be much good losing five to we "