Gashead In Peace


Morning all, gashead in peace here.

Firstly, sorry about your relegation. Always liked Walsall and one less nearby team for us to travel to next season so I hope you bounce straight back up…

Which I’m sure you will, because you’ve just hired Darrell Clarke! We down in the West Country absolutely adore this bloke and see miss him dearly (see the link to our forum thread as in your manager confirmation thread). DC is a bonafide club legend at the Mem and forever in our hearts.

Last season under DC which an unfortunate blotch of an otherwise sensational career at the Gas. Two back-to-back promotions when we were at our lowest ebb and two mid-table consolidations, including our highest finish in years, in L1.

For the most part, you can expect attacking football. Great thing about DC was he always wanted to win the game and set us up accordingly, home and away. He likes hard-working, committed players and he will not be afraid to drop those not stepping up to the plate. Only gripe is he rarely sticks to the same eleven, opting for a Ranieri-esque tinkerman approach which has its pros and cons.

Really, really wish you guys well next season - you will now probably be the favoured L2 team of the blue half of Bristol for 19/20! Assuming we avoid the drop again, sincerely hope you come straight back up - if nothing else so that we gasheads can give this legend the applause and ovation he deserves.

All the best.



Thanks for your insight and well wishes. Certainly seems like we’ve got a good man in charge - just hope the club can match his ambition. What was the makeup of his backroom staff like? Is he likely to bring them with him?



He had a strong bond with assistant Marcus Stewart, so there’s potential. Ironically he was John Ward’s (who I believe is one of your coaches?) assistant and replaced him when he was sacked. DC was critical of some of his methods thereafter so perhaps you’ll see a change in John’s role but that’s just my pure speculation.



Marcus Stewart, there’s a name from the past. One of those players you loved to have in your side, hated if he was in the opposition

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Cheers Gashead 1993 and thanks for the post

He sounds like a guy who has a plan for footballing success which is great to hear - That said, his issue here will be the tools he has at his disposal so hopefully he’s also capable and canny enough in respect of negotiation and can prise a few quid out of our wealthy but stingy owner with which to work!

Good luck to the Gas next season :+1:



Its only fair, we sent our legendary manager Sir Ray Graydon and now we have ended up with one of Rovers favoured sons. I do hope he does better than Ray did at Bristol !



Best of luck to BR too!

#announcestuartsinclair already!



Good luck Walsall you now have project Darrell in charge,we were very very lucky in The Wembley conference final.
Then DC in league 2 got us playing good attacking football and promotion ,then league one we had a rather good season BUT the next season DC got his dreaded coaching badges and absolute garbage football,personally I think he’s lost the plot and he’s at best a conference manager hope I’m wrong and you come straight back up it’s a short trip for us so very good luck for the coming season UTG and Walsall.

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Good to hear such good stuff as expected. A question about his youth policy though as it’s something I want to see us start bringing back… will he give them a chance?

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But did he wave?

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You’ve landed on your feet here chaps. Absolutely gutted when he left and seeing this news today, I can only echo what some have already commented on our forum. I’ts like seeing your ex, that you loved to the max, with someone else. I really thought he was the one to take us to the promised land. Oh well… good luck to DC ergo good luck to you.



What you can expect game wise. Firstly Clarke likes to win games, not draw or lose. To him each game is a “project” and he will pick a team for each game, This can be frustrating for supporters as he will drop 4 or 5 players from a team that won the previous week. Next during the game he might change the formation 2 or 3 times, but at home the pattern was mostly keep it 0-0 up until half time and then in the second half he will go for it, and he will usually make his first sub change on 57 minutes!!!
Good luck. He will probably get you up and keep you up. the players you need to sign from us are Sinclair; Lines; Nichols; and Payne. And Good luck



Tom Nichols was a really promising striker once upon a time, was ripping it up at Exeter but struggled at Posh and has hardly scored at the Gas either so not effective in league one.

Dropping down a bit might be good for his career. Stefan Payne flopped big time after his excellent season at Sloppies, I assume he’s under contract though so only way it happens is season long loan.

Have to say I’ve always looked the like of Alex Rodman. Saw him play for Tamworth years ago and he’s had a very solid FL career, I assume him leaving is a no go?

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The other thing to expect is a slow start to the campaign. When DC was at Rovers the first 10 or so games were pretty poor, then out of the blue everything came good, so don’t expect a win on the first day! It will be good if you get it though



If we do start slowly we can expect a “Clarke Out” thread by early September :wink:



YES…it is a certainty!