Genuine Question about The Banks’

Are we legally obliged to play there?

Would it not make sense to close it down for the season and play at, say Albion, with better tv facilities?

Would this save the cost of the rent if we did?

Would anyone object to this, assuming games are behind closed doors? (What difference does it make?)

I note Real Madrid don’t play at the Bernebau any more, so there’s a precedent.

(Yes, I know you can’t compare us to Real Madrid, before anyone chimes in)

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Real Madrid are having stadium improvements made. If we were to do what they’re doing, we’d be playing at the Training Ground

I doubt West Brom would let us play there rent free…

Fair point.

Well, what about the training ground then? Or maybe perry Barr athletics ground?

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Bernabeu currently under renovation so no play there at the risk of Hazard getting clonked on the head by a rogue length of structure steel.

Bearing in mind football clubs are after any additional cash they can get if they see us coming they’ll probably charge as much as we currently have to pay. Unless you just get a rent deal for match days only.

Guess we would have to rent somewhere else for office space etc.


Or maybe the rent they’d charge would still make it cost effective?

That’s the main point - whether we play on our own pitch or not we would still need the stadium for all the other things like offices, shop, gym & physio, storage areas, etc. If we didn’t pay the rent on the Banks’s (and I believe the lease will oblige us to whether we are in it or not - and likely we’d end up in a costly legal battle if we just stopped) we’d have to move everything out to somewhere else and pay rent on that instead (or, more likely, on top of).

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I guess that’s what I’m interested in. Does anyone know the full facts? Exactly how tied are we to playing at the Banks’s?

I understand office rental is now a lot cheaper than pre pandemic

It has been discussed on here before so maybe someone who had the insider info then can confirm, but I believe that the clubs has a 125 year leasehold arrangement but with periodic break points built in (every 10 years rings a bell but may have been more or less than that). If I remember right, we’d not long passed such a break opportunity when it was discussed - not all that long before LP took over? Fairly certain the next break opportunity is still a few years away and certainly not there this season.

Of course, it is always possible for the tenant and landlord to mutually agree changes to any such arrangement …