George Bowerman is back

As a coach for the U11s.


Wow retired already, can’t be more than 26 or 27?

One stage around 2011 he looked better prospect than Grigg. Funny how Football can work out sometimes.

@SaddlerHQ He had a spell with Accrington Stanley and then into non league with Stafford Rangers among others. Has his own youth coaching business - seems like a good move for both parties

Thought he had a poor attitude? Unless he’s learnt from his mistakes.

Yeah I heard his attitude was rubbish. It’s a shame his football career didn’t kick on because he showed us signs that there was something there to be tapped in to. During his good spell here I thought he was a very clever striker. Just goes to show how important application and attitude are in the game if you want to succeed.

His head went after that Preston hatrick.

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League One “player of the month” at one time, I seem to recall…


Two goals in that Preston game Walsall 3 - 1 Preston - Match Report & Highlights
But it doesn’t matter much now.

Ah that was September 2012 so even later than I thought. He lost his place soon after and Grigg took his chance big time with around 15 goals in 2013.

Bowerman ended up drifting around the non-League scene, including an unproductive spell at Rushall Olympic, as well as Halesowen Town and Heather St. John’s. No matter what the rumours were about his personality, he is now a born-again Christian. He has found God (that must have been one hell of a pass! :grinning:).


Brilliant that last line Pedagogue, that’s made me loff!