Gillingham (A) 19th January, 3pm


My worry is that Cookie will be off before this transfer window close


What? Leahy was full back for all but the last 15 minutes of a clean sheet and then he trusted him to shore up the left hand side. On the right, keates looks to have brought in a decent right back and that’s a good move if it allows us to make the most of Devlin going forward but also having the defensive mindset to cover the full back


You dont get awarded a clean sheet at 75 mins


Brilliant result. Like DK, I don’t think our form has been that bad - just the results. I know it’s results wot matter but we haven’t been terrible, although results have.
Excelsior! :grin:
I DK we trust (I think). Well, for this week, at least :heart_eyes:


That’s one thing I guarentee won’t happen with the slow uprising atm…

Summer probably different like we saw when Bradshaw had 1 year left.

Cookie is playing week in week out so don’t see why he’d move at this time and be a bench warmer higher up.


Fantastic. Gives us a bit of breathing space.

Love the nil as much as the three to be honest. We really needed one of those.

Cook is on fire. Should pass twenty. If he could take a pen he could have been looking at thirty. My oh my.

A point on Tuesday and this will have been a superb week.


money talks


In fairness to the club they don’t sell key players in January anymore (even when selling players has seemed more logical). Cook will be here until the summer and then he’ll likely be sold then if he dosen’t want to sign an extension.


Just looked up when the 0-3 at Southend was. Whitney was sacked 9 days later. The tuesday after was a 0-3 home defeat to Rochdale and then lost 2-0 at Shrewsbury so it’s vital to continue the momentum at Plymouth and keep the uprising from the bottom 4 at bay otherwise you’re back to square one.

Jarvis + Cook should easily be good enough to keep this team up though.


I hope your right, Cant really say we dont sell player in jan. wheres Ginnelly?? if someone comes in with a good offer for him, he will be gone… FACT


Bostin result :smile::smile::smile:



Dann and Fox?


It’s hard to argue that Martins arrival adversely affected the way the team performed and what was quite decent form after a great start, then worsened quickly.

I’m sure he’s got qualities but it didn’t work out for us IMO so hopefully we can get back on track and pick up points in the next few weeks to move us into ‘relative’ safety!


Good to see deano with a big smile on his face in the after match interview :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:UTS .


I don’t see Ginnelly as an irreplaceable player tbh. Did well this season but still part of winless runs. You play Devlin in his position and the team wins 3-0 away from home. Fully fit Jarvis is best wide player Walsall have had for ages.

Was more on about Sawyers, Bradshaw, Rico, Oztumer and Etheridge who all left in summer transfer windows. Etheridge really should’ve been sold in January 2017. I imagine Jeff curses that every day given the impact he’s had at Cardiff and there would’ve been sell on clause in that deal most likely.


Yes since then. All the bad feeling in the months after and drop off in attendances has shown the board that’s one thing not to repeat.


I know, but I bear grudges for a long time where Boner is concerned


Have to say I’ve totally forgotten about Ginnelly since he left, don’t think he’s even played for Preston yet.

Nowhere near as crucial to the team as all those named above so I could understand why the club cashed in on him. Similar to when Coventry bid for Bakayoko.

It would be the same if a club was mad enough to want Ismail or Morris this window.

Edit: Soccerbase has him “on loan at Preston” for some reason.


as much stick as he has had this season Osbourne was immense today also.


He’s had other games like that this season. Maybe it’s a consistency problem is or maybe it depends on the opposition?

Were you at the game killer78?