Gillingham (A) 19th January, 3pm


I wonder why he only plays like that sometimes?


How happy does Cookie look in this pic ?


On the train home very happy. Cookie has been praying for someone like Jarvis
. Get a result at Plymouth and we’re looking up the table rather than down


Interesting that in his post match interview DK has said that Dobson is being rested after a tough first half of the season. He expects him back soon to contribute to the team.


To take a bit of pressure off Dobbo I’d probably make Edwards captain until Chambers comes back.


Just seen on twitter the 100 odd Walsall fans were all under the roof. I’m sure I read on the website 10 days ago the tickets were for behind the goal open to all the elements?

Honestly would’ve popped down if I’d known that would’ve been case. Not done Prestfield yet.



We were excellent today. Back to basics and Cook took all three of his chances brilliantly.

Norman was quietly impressive and seemed to have a decent understanding with the rest of the back four as Gillingham’s only chances turned out to be offside.


Cook’s first goal is the type of goal I used to score back in the day.
Bullet header. Pick that ■■■■■■ out.


Speaking with my Gills supporting friends after the match they said Jarvis had them sussed in the first minute and once the first one went in that was it for them. The third goal killed the game. They were moaning that they didn’t really start playing until the 85th minute. They honestly thought that they were all trying to avoid injuries with the cup match coming up next week which is why Eaves and Ehmer didn’t start. First time I’ve been to Priestfield and it’s not been a boring 0-0. It was still cold though, but not as cold as if we’d been behind the goal.Oh yeah, the grey and lime green kit didn’t go down too well either.


What a coup Jarvis has turned out to be by the way. Delivery and end product from the level above exactly what Cookie needs. Getting rid of Gino and bringing him in looks a very shrewd move.




Were Gills fans giving him abuse or is he being really moronic and falling out Walsall fans after a 3-0 win ?


Yeah I agree . I think Ismail should take a good look at Jarvis and see what he has achieved and what can be achieved with hard work and desire. Cuz there is no doubting zeli’s ability.


Were Gills fans giving him abuse or is he being really moronic and falling out Walsall fans after a 3-0 win ?


Can hardly blame him if it’s the latter. Part of a back four and a team who kept a clean sheet, two assists and still some will give him no credit at all. Indeed, the pre match team thread on the official page has several anti leahy comments.


If the fans can’t take it back then they shouldn’t give the abuse. Glad Leahy is kicking back, even if his grammar isn’t correct…


Three observations.

  1. Osbourne may be preferred to Kinsella because of his height, which helps us defend set pieces.
  2. Cameron Norman is 6ft 2" compared to Devlin’s 5ft 10". Again we’ve added more height to our defence.
  3. We did have a forward on the bench - Zeli can play down the middle if required.


Or maybe Kinsella and Dobson will be midfield duo for the next game. That’s why haven’t played today (except few minutes, but that’s minor thing).


Notice Russell Martin has had a positive impact at the franchise. Losing 1 nil to the mighty Crewe. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: