Gillingham (A) 19th January, 3pm


If Luke was paying my wages I may agree with you.


Exactly. Fans are very quick to clutch their pearls. Especially when it’s one of their own they’ve been slating.

Fair play. He really hasnt been that bad all season :hugs:


He was on the bench


no but i watched it on Ifollow lol :wink:


How does I follow work mate can u watch all away games on it ?


Hopefully we use today as a springboard for Tuesday. The reports I’ve read and heard of people who went are very positive. Turning point maybe?


One decent game and he thinks he’s Messi.



Which one? The Cov one?


Let’s be honest the only good thing Russell Martin did for us was help get Matt Jarvis in the club​:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


They’re a thin skinned bunch on WFHYS aren’t they? They’ve been slagging Leahy off for most the season and he puts a light hearted post on Instagram and they’re all wailing about it?! If people don’t like criticism, don’t dish it out in spades. That aside, great result today, a really positive team performance. Hopefully this’ll be the start of a better run of results.


just seen that on WFHYS found it pretty funny one guy offering his mom to Luke Leahy bonkers page sometimes that one.


Yes, and then got upset about him having a pop back. I do despair at some of our alleged supporters at times.


10 league goals this season after today’s hat trick and 16th place in the League One top goal scorers table according to the BBC. At his age and coming from non-league I hope that’s not enough to encourage a bid, because I think he’ll easily add another 10 now Jarvis is here (and stays fit).


Great to see Cook in the goals especially.

I’ve always thought he has natural ability and obviously strength and power, and once he started to get fitter he would be a genuine force. I can definitely see him getting 20 this season.

At the start of the season you could see by middle of the second half he was absolutely gassed, but he’s getting sharper and better conditioning each week


I am glad @adam that you took my prediction as US winning 3-0 :wink:


Piping up and giving it back to fans after one decent performance? Personally I think it’s a bit pathetic. He needs to focus on his football, not using a good performance to have a pop back at fans who pay his wages.


3 things. One it’s not his only decent performance. Two we don’t pay his wages and even if you did it doesn’t justify the abuse. We “pay” the bloke in Tesco’s wages it still doesn’t mean we can call him a useless c**t. Three no time for fans that can give it out but clutch their pearls the second they have to take a bit back.

Fair play to him.


1 thing, he’s a professional footballer. This isn’t what I’d class as professional. He comes across as an arrogant ■■■■■■■.


I think he’s had more than one decent performance. The level of vitriol directed towards him and Devlin on WFHYS by keyboard warriors has been uncomfortable this season - he could score a hat trick and people would still say he was crap. I really don’t blame him for the tongue in cheek post and he’ll be off in summer anyway so some of the Walsall fans will have to move onto their next player to abuse.