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I just don’t find this very professional. For his own sake he’s better off not pushing fans further away with silly posts. I’m not justifying the abuse by the way. I think it’s been a disgrace. As many know on here I’ve stuck up for him on many occasions. Just think this is daft.


Yeah, pretty ridiculous that he is preaching at Luke and his maturity.

Even at this level footballers earn good money fair enough, it doesnt mean they are emotionally immune to being slagged off all of the time.

I do think Leahy has often been poor defensively, often takes bad starting positions and can be exposed, but at the same time he has genuine quality in his delivery from set pieces and when going forwards. Whatever you think of him though slagging him off all the time isnt going to make him more confident and help him get better. He is a young player with potential to be a good one, and fans should be supporting their own team, not moaning all the time.


What’s being professional got to do with it? It’s his personal Instagram. And if I were him I’d defend myself :man_shrugging:


Ok mate


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It’s the only thing he can defend


You know what fair play to Luke. Messaged me on Twitter and explained the photo. The photo was taken just after a Walsall fan had sarcastically called him ■■■■, hence the quote. He was laughing at the fan.

I tell you what, through the few messages with Luke he has gone up in my estimations. He’s got thick skin and cares. I’ve explained to him why fans may be ■■■■■■ off with him and he totally understood. Fair play to him. I really do hope he kicks on now.


As seen on Quest


He’s slagging the snowflakes on Walsall Fans Prove You’re Thick.


It’s a tricky one this because I don’t really agree with that sentiment so we’re probably coming from it from too different an angle.
That being said if I applied that to my workplace and I was getting dogs abuse from customers for work quality then demonstrated good output I’d likely provide some form of tongue in cheek response. I think my management team would support me if the abuse I was receiving was on par with this example. My opinion is if Leahys “backlash” causes some fans to turn away, after they’d been giving it Mr. Big-man, then psh who needs them.

Now, if my mum came into work demanding I got larger more complex projects, that’d be different!!


What is that? I’m getting out of touch!!


Regarding Leahy - he was taking a throw in right in the corner by our following, and he was getting a lot of encouragement to get it in the box (similar to how he assisted Cook’s third goal). Someone, I don’t know if it was in jest or not, shouted “you’re ■■■■ Leahy” and as he says he laughed it off.

Harmless tbh, and it was great to see all the players seem genuinely appreciative at the final whistle for the fans’ support.


What is it about our society that people think it is acceptable to abuse people on social media? It not only applies to footballers. Criticism is fine but personal abuse is not. It says more about the abuser than the abused. Anyway I think Leahy adds a lot to our team and if we defend as a team(as we did yesterday apparently) his weakness would be nullified.


Yeah that’s basically what Leahy told me. Looking back at the picture I totally get it. If you were there I guess you’d get that, if you’re not it looks like a dig at that fans. I guess it’s Leahy just being Leahy :joy:


Thanks for this!


After finding out why he posted that picture i will retract what I said on here, still does not stop me thinking that defensively hes been ■■■■ most the season.


Could not agree more.


Leahy and Devlin have been doing what they’re told to do by the manager. He tells them to press forward at every opportunity. It’s not their fault that the rest of the team don’t cover them when they go forward. When we lose the ball during an attack, because they are forward they look like they have been caught out of position because no one is covering them.


Spot on, and when we defend, they’re asked to play narrow so unintelligent fans think it’s their fault when crosses come in but, in fact, it’s because they’re not getting cover from wide midfield. By all accounts, yesterday was different and the reason for that is that we played a defender on wide right so he gave that cover

Neither Devlin or leahy is the best player in the division but they are perfectly good for the level we’re performing at.


Couldn’t agree more. When you play a midfield 4 then you can get away with 1 winger. We’ve been trying to play with 2 and leaving the full backs exposed