Gillingham (A) 19th January, 3pm


Andy Cook, **** me.


Live odds…GIlls 22/1 to win. Draw is 17/2 which I’d say is pretty tempting for the pessimists among us…


Sorry mate but you’re not my type.
oh…that Andy Cook


No thanks!


AFC Wimbledon 1 Barnsley 1 (36 min)

Rochdale 0 Fleetwood Town 1 (37 min)


Thought Rochdale wouldn’t be able to hold on for very much longer, shall we get their defenders on loan? They could teach us a thing or two about consistency!


Eaves is on for Gillingham, would assume that’s tactical. Bigger task for the back 4 now.


Meanwhile, not a million miles from Walsall … “e’s gorra gew” !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ashley Hemmings scored for AFC Flyde. Probably on more than he was Walsall there.


Oxford Utd 2 Portsmouth 0 !!! (45 min)


Coupon buster.


According to Betfair’s stats Gillingham haven’t had a single shot on target in the first half.


super Andy Cook :soccer::soccer:


Jarvis has been excellent so far.


So … what should DK do? Pack the defence, or play on as we are??? Decisions, decisions…


How’s Norman playing?


Take Gordon off and bring Kinsella on to dominate middle


Ginnelly still not getting a place on the Preston bench


If we avoid a Bolton calamity in the second half it should be a much-needed 3 points

Come on lads…


Good I would say. He had two crosses in first minute, later he returned to playing more typical fullback. For me first half had two good players in def line. Him and Johnson in the middle. Rest was nice addition.