Gillingham (A) 19th January, 3pm


Purkiss very impressed with Johnson and Guthrie as well as Osbourne!! Great win…lets hope for the same on Tuesday UTS


As soon as we look for the clean sheet we move Devlin and Leahy out of the defence cause Keates knows either of them cant defend lol


Why do these terrific away wins always come at far flung locations where our emaciated away following means there’s just over 100 Saddlers there!


I wonder - don’t slit my throat here - but from a distance (3,523 miles :thinking:) & having gone to the charlton home game in November - it seems on the face of it at least that our defensive woes started when Martin arrived, as if he upset the balance in some way - & I realize it’s just one game, but the moment he leaves they keep a clean sheet & score 3 goals - just sayin - apologies if it’s been said already, just catching up! be kind! UTS!!!


i aint sure about Purkiss, hes too posh lol


No argument from me on that point!! Nail hit firmly on head …


What? For a start, leahy was in defence and then I suspect the big difference is that, by playing both Norman and Devlin on the right, we’ve actually got double cover and can stop the cross coming in. Ismail and Morris have provided zero cover when they have played.

Anyway, well done to the players and well done to keates for setting up the way we did and, from initial reports, signing a decent player in Norman.


'Cept Lehey was In the back 4


I see your point, how many other teams have to play with 4 full backs?

Great win though


To be fair, I think we’d already let a few in but he didn’t help. Having got down to a few games this season, and from watching goals in other games, the problem has been our defensive set up overall. Narrow defenders, no cover on the right in particular, from the wide midfielders, allowing crosses to come in at will


i thought when laird came on leahy moved to the wing


As much as Martin didn’t improve things at all, the 3-0 at Southend was with Fitzwater-Guthrie. Also a few other games when the defence was losing the way (1-4 v Donny).

Coventry and Burton coming up soon so hopefully some good away performances in those infront of bigger numbers.


Fair point as well. I don’t think we necessarily have to do that but we do need wide players who do a defensive job as well. I see nothing wrong with pushin an attacking full back up into the wide position.


But that still means for 80 mins he was a full back. Not gonna criticize him today.


Yes, to be tighten things up for 15 minutes, one of the things we’ve been guilty of not doing


i think we do have to do that cause the full backs are our weak links, for every strong attacking winger u need a good defensive full back and we don’t have that.


my point was he didnt keep devlin and leahy as full backs when we were trying to keep a clean sheet, obviously keatsey was shoring things up


From the outside feels the balance was better. With Devlin at RM you know he has mentality to track back and help out whoever is at right back. Ismail and Morris aren’t good at that.

If you tuck in with one wide midfielder the one on other flank should get more licence to go forward. If team has solid base then really Jarvis + Cook should be too much for the bottom half league 1 teams and certainly proved that today.

Onto the protest meeting…


No, football is a team game. Attack as a team, defend as a team. That’s like saying Devlin and leahy don’t have to do attacking if we have decent wingers.


im not asking for your agreement mate its my opinion!! anyway enjoy the win