Gillingham away tickets

Now on sale. You have to buy them on the Gillingham website.
No over the phone orders to our club’s ticket office!
Downloadable e-tickets.
Got mine!

And no £1.25 surcharge as with our system so you only have to fork out the face value.

Just in case it happens to anyone else:- when downloading the ticket to my phone by clicking on the link in the confitmation e-mail they send you, I got an error that the PDF file was in an invalid format and no sign of it on my device. When I clicked on the link again it told me the ticket had already been printed and didn’t offer the chance to retry the download.

I found an e-mail address for their ticket office on their Who’s Who? page and within minutes they responded and sent the ticket as an attachment.

Allocation of over 2k if I’ve read correctly!

Hopefully the weather is decent as that’s basically all of the open behind the goal stand plus a small section of the touchline stand.

We’ve got 2 blocks of the touchline stand.
I know because that’s where my ticket is, one block from the end.

So is mine as only block G&H available at the moment, but in the OS announcement it says we will be given extra seats behind the goal (giving us an overall total of 2000). I assume they are only releasing new blocks when the others become full. Bit of a bugger as I’d rather be behind the goal, so feeling caught out for being an STH getting mine early and limited to the side at the moment (numbered seats on the tickets - although at least you can choose your own, and they do give you chance to check the view from that seat before you buy it).

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I chose a seat which was 1 seat away from another booked seat and the system told me to choose another becauuuse they didn’t want any “orphan seats”

i know, all a bit crap. But then I’m guessing that although the first few might sit on their designated seats and be backed up by the stewards, as soon as the numbers start ramping up and the first few people sit where they like it will become a free for all that the stewards will just wash their hands of (as with so many other away games over the years).