Gillingham (H) 18th August, 3pm


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28.8.54 Lost 0-1
30.8.58 Lost 1-2
16.4.60 Lost 2-3
31.3.70 Lost 0-1
28.8.76 Lost 1-2
20.3.79 Lost 0-1
16.4.85 Lost 0-1
22.2.92 Lost 0-1
18.11.17 Lost 0-1
18. 8. 18 won 2-1
fixed that for you welsh :wink:


i’m probably a bit to old now for enjoying all the vocal support , singing , shouting , jumping up and down , and wanting an atmosphere but i really can’t help myself , still get carried away when everyone start’s singing and i so miss behind the goal’s at Fellow’s Park when everyone started a disco and jumped up and down in unison and when we scored , it was brilliant .
Wished we could get some big flag’s behind the goal’s waving around like you see at Liverpool and the like’s or maybe a drum or two (maybe not ):smirk:
So wished our little club could become more proactive with the support and encourage us , maybe supply half a dozen flag’s (large not piddling little effort’s):roll_eyes: and generate a real buzz at the game’s , you’ve only got to hear the interview’s with the player’s when the crowd have got behind them and been real vocal , you just know they perform that much better and put an extra 20% effort in .
Need the place packed and rockin , and if Deano continue’s the way he’s started i do hope we’ll all go back and back him and the team , and gather a few more thousand on the turn stile’s so we can be compared to some of our local rival’s


Tough game this one with the Gills showing early season form.

2-2 for me


Reverted back to the same team against Scunthorpe apart from Zeli is replaced by Morris. Injury apparently. No news on how bad it is or how long he is out for.




get in ferrier


Blimey how different to watching on BBC this year compared to last, when it’s us scoring NOT the opposition! The revolution is here!
Come on you Saddlers.


2-0 … 42 minutes !!! Isaiah Osbourne :grinning:


2-0 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


osbourne only his 5th goal of his career


Bakayoko opened his account for Coventry from the penalty spot…


Yes get in OSBOURNE can anyone believe this, just as Gillingham seemed to be getting back into the match!
I just love this, Walsall scoring goals, with loads of shots at goal, many on target! Come back Baka all is forgiven NOT!


i think we have had over 60 shots in our games so far


That’s got to be a first, he would have skied into the third tier, if he’d taken one for us.


Thats it now for anothe 2 years :joy:


Now can’t wait for my first match, away at Rochdale.


Told you you should of come matey


I know :wink:


We’re giving away too many free kicks but so far we’ve been excellent. Ferrier is terrifyingly good.


Hope we have a big sell on clause :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gutted to be missing it today but happy with what I’m seeing and hearing. Very pleased to see attacking football with chances created and put away.

Not going to get to carried away at the moment, let’s see how we are after 10/15 games.