Gillingham (H) 18th August, 3pm


Ferrier’s goal. Guys also posted Osbournes goal too. Fantastic goals.


Very good first half. Hoping for Cook to score up this end second half and to jump into the crowd.


OMFG that is contender for goal of the season already :open_mouth:


■■■■ that. I’m getting carried away now :joy::joy:


Double substitution Gillingham, 66 and 67 minutes…

Gillingham yellow card, 77 minutes (O’Neill, who is substituted a minute later)

Gillingham’s 2nd yellow card, 85 min

Walsall yellow card, 88 minutes … George Dobson (again!!)

Walsall substitution, 90 minutes … Josh Gordon on for Ferrier


Wondered when we might get a sub on.

Anyone we know?


Here we go … Gillingham goal, 92 minutes … squeaky bum time


Musn’t look at the thread whilst commentary on as it’s a minute behind!


2-1 full time… sigh of relief


BBC website is normally about 3 minutes behind Welsh.


Get innnn!

If this all blows up and we just scrape safety Keates has still done a massive job here. The entertainment between this football and last year is incomparable. Up The Saddlers!!!


Surprise package :smile::smile:


And it’s nosebleed time, 4th despite a late Gillingham goal., However, we must stop giving goals away, although our goal difference is positive (when could we last say THAT) it is very weak, we have to start banging them in and putting games to bed earlier.


Talking about goals, have you seen the Bag-ladies’ score today??? :astonished:

Saddlers now 6 points clear of the relegation zone … :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Attendance today 4,361


Nervy at the end but a good win. We need to put away our chances more often because we create so so much. Off the ball we are so well drilled. I love this team.


Tremendous result.

Gutted I could’t make it down today but performances and team spirit sound great. Will make it down there asap.

That late Gillingham goal won me over £50 (had both teams to score), just glad it came so late there was hardly any chance of them getting a second!


Good job i fixed that score for you @Welsh_Saddler :smile:


Great stuff.

Sounded another deserved win against an opponent who’s started the season well.

Will get down for the Blackpool game to have a look at this live but it’s amazing how far you can go in any division if all 11 players know their jobs inside out, Sloppies and Burton have shown in recent times.


First game of the season today, Dobson needs a contract extension now! Absolutely run the game, winning the ball, distribution, shouting orders a true leader. Wasn’t that impressed with Cook’s performance but that may be because Ferrier is :fire:. Ginelley looks like he’s really matured since his last spell, all in all looked really comfortable against a decent Gillingham side. Would like to have seen Gordon for 20 min perhaps on for Cook?


great team performance today , the only disappointment if any would be not scoring a few more goals.

Love the fact that 10 of the 11 starters are all players signed and committed to the club. This is clearly generating a togetherness and consistency that we have lacked for 2 years.