Gillingham (H) 18th August, 3pm


Agreed, it was a great game of football. When Sir Ray was in charge, I’m sure we never lost 2 games on the bounce, I can see this team doing the same. We need to get Dobson to sign a 10 year contract!


41 seconds on Sky.


Everlasting love


Really enjoyed that another well deserved win and excellent all round team performance.
Ferrier getting all the praise for a good performance and great goal but I thought Andy Taylor also had a great game, winning headers , holding up the game keeping defenders busy and bringing other players into game.He looks like another Andy Rammel just what we needed.
My only worry is that we are not scoring more of the many chances we are making and fear it may cost us in some games. If Gillingham had scored 10 mins early they could possibly have got an equaliser after being outplayed for most of the game.


Andy Cook :blush:


bloody hell we signed someone else? :wink:


Hey you don’t know you weren’t there :joy::joy:


Touche :wink:


OOPS got my andys mixed old age mind going on blink still think he played well whichever andy he was:exploding_head:


No probs i’m just the same , the Strongbow’s kicking in now anyway this time of night :yum:


or is it Bulmer’s , not sure anyway it played well :laughing::laughing:


i have finished the beer i am on the wine now :blush:


Bit flash aren’t we … wine :astonished:


All seriously though mate you need to bite the bullet like me and get down to watch this team , they throw everything on the line , the defender’s are throwing bodies in front of every shot , the midfield are really bossing it , Dobson is kicking ball’s all over the park and the forward’s … what can i say
Ferrier is full of running and generating so much excitement and getting everyone on their feet , and as for Andy Cook he win’s 95% of everything put toward’s him (so want him to score in open play ) and run’s and throw’s himself at everything till he can hardly walk ( fitness still being worked on ) , and if thing’s don’t go his way he get’s really p----d off about it and let’s em know about it which is really good to see


I enjoyed that. Not because we won, although that helps, but because we played football the way I like to see it played. Hard working team, attacking play, two up front, I will be able to forgive this team when they totally nadge things up, which they will do from time to time, because they are trying to do it the right way.

Ain’t it great. I thought the whole team did well today, and Gillingham looked useful, which makes our performance all the more encouraging.

There were mistakes, we look a bit thin in places, and I don’t care. I’m enjoying watching the Saddlers again. :joy:


Sorry I missed that…sounds like a good performance .Well doe the team.


Shame we conceded that late goal but it was another hugely entertaining performance and impressive result. I genuinely had forgotten how enjoyable it is.

The much-maligned Leahy and Devlin were both excellent and look like different players this season. Jon Guthrie suddenly looks like a towering centre-back and is so commanding and impressive. All the back four are putting their bodies on the line, they look very well-organised and will only get better as the season goes on.

Ferrier and Cook look like a terrific combo. Gordon had time to look really good even though he was only on the pitch for three minutes and we conceded a goal in that time.

George Dobson… he’s going to be a Walsall legend if he sticks around. Is turning into a wonderful box-to-box midfielder, capable of accurate long-range passes, keeping it simple and neat-and-tidy when needed, more than useful in his own box (brilliant block today and a goal-line clearance to boot) and a good leader, constantly encouraging and cajoling his teammates.

Being a Walsall fan feels good again!


I would like to add although Adam Chambers has been a great servant to Walsall fc we are a better team without him as we now break quicker from defence.


Another good performance and another win so nice to see such positivity on here and social media about this team and it’s manager. The difference is night and day from the garbage Whitney served up long may it continue.


At this rate, I can’t see Chambers getting back in the team. Dobson and Osbourne were absolutely unbelievable. Especially Dobson, he is one special player. The way he just controls the game, putting in blocks, spraying balls from one side to another, so so good.

You wouldn’t believe that it’s the exact same back line we ended up with from the end of last season aswell. Devlin looks to be the one teams seem to target but he’s improved massively. Guthrie and Fitzwater were fantastic and for me the biggest improvement is Leahy.

Got to mention Ferrier aswell. What a find from Dean. Never gives up, holds the ball up so well and scored an absolute rocket to top it off.

Up the Saddlers!