Gillingham (H) 18th August, 3pm


… Yet turning back led to the second goal :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There’s a player in Morris, no question.

Hopefully with the team full of confidence, we can see the 15-16 season player again.

This is where competition for places should be a benefit as Ismail and especially Ginnelly have been excellent so far.


Yes I know he did Samsara,but this is the first time I’ve been to watch them play for years,so the only comparison I have is between Ginnelly on the other wing and him.And to be honest Ginnelly was twice the player he was.Maybe Morris was playing better than he normally did,I wouldn’t know I haven’t seen him recently.


Morris for all his bad performances did really well yesterday particularly for Osbournes goal. Stepped in for Ismail really well. Cut the lad some slack


Ginnelly had a better game but that doesn’t mean Morris was poor. He played very well. He’s not Ismail but he did a good job filling in.


I agree with the posters who are bigging up Morris. I thought the boy done good, much more like his old self. Of all our players, was he the one who went furthest backwards under Whitney? Hopefully Dean will help him realise his potential again and he can be an important member of the squad.


Exactly right mate , we’ve already seen some of our other player’s flourish under Deano’s help and guidance , so hopefully with a little confidence and people supporting him he may well come good and show us what a lot of us hope he has in his locker .
It’s not good when we start knocking our player’s :expressionless:


Ok then…I’ve changed my mind…Every single player was just as good as every other player…hows that? that’s fair to every player and no one will get their feelings hurt…especially posters on UTS.


Good man! All we need now is for you to change your mind when the 2nd referendum comes around :smile:


Not a chance mate…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Literally nobody is saying that tho


Morris didn’t play too bad. Had a few chances where he could have done better, but we won at the end of the day, so it’s all good. But if Zeli is fit he’s got to start though.


My comment was not to criticise Morris either. Thought he played well, much better than last season. But…we all know he has some talent and it’s frustrating when he doesn’t take on the man. Just pointing this out and hope Keates works on it with him.


Went on Saturday for the first time since Portsmouth at home last season and unsurprisingly, enjoyed it very much.
To echo what most have said on here, Dobson and Ferrier were the standout performers for me although nobody was below 7/10.
As the Gills fan alluded to above, the amount of times they allowed Ferrier one on one with Ehmer was terribly naive and perhaps should have been punished more.
Really like Guthrie and especially Fitzwater. I was in line with our back 4 for the first half and his communication for a 20 year old is fantastic.
After the feel good summer with England, starting to fall back in love with Walsall feels even better.


My first game aswell on Saturday - and really glad that i made the 120 mile round trip!

Ferrier was awesome - he ripped the Gills defence apart, and like others only hope that Cook gets the goal that his battling and work rate deserve. I thought the scoreline didnt really reflect the game, as Gillingham only seemed to threaten from free kicks and corners - a few of which shouldnt have been given!

It would have been good to finish with a clean sheet, but im more than happy with 7 points out of 9


My views finally…

Great performance from the lads, we should have been far further ahead than the final score suggested, but you have to take your chances.

To save a lot of the arguments, all of the squad did well. Personally I’d like to single out Luke Leahy and Kieron Morris for high-praise because these two aren’t usually given the praise of the others, and I have been very critical of them in the past. This game however, Leahy gave probably the best performance he’s had in a Walsall shirt, and Morris was a more than adequate replacement for Ismail, only difference being he has a tendency to want to go backwards instead of take his man on. That said, he did look like he was starting to get back to the Kieron Morris of old (when he came back from Wrexham).

Looking forward to the rest of the season based on these early performances. Dean Keates deserves plenty of plaudits already.

I’d also like to congratulate Trevor Kettle for providing some amazing decisions (both given and not!). Always a pleasure to see someone that inept.


I wasn’t going to mention the referee but you’ve got to admire Mr Kettle’s fortitude when he heard “Trevor Kettle, what a banker” and just laughed. Made me smile that.