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Ginnelly off to Preston!



See ya.


Really can’t understand why Preston would want him ?


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Clearly of no significance to the Football League club he’s leaving. :roll_eyes:


one of our best players this season.


Yes, our most impressive wide player this season - who also puts in a shift helping the defence.


It’s so predictable , every player that start’s to show any promise is off the first chance they get .

Wish we would / could show some ambition to these player’s , and get them wanting to stay , and play for us , and make this club of our’s successful …


One of our best players this season and one of our very few attacking players to help out defensively too. It’ll be a blow and we’ll miss him. He MUST be replaced in January.


He’s had a half a season of being decent, unusual for him to move on so soon, but not a huge loss.


They have a few injuries to forwards and play 4-3-3 so need more wide players.

Also don’t have the budget to sign proven premier league players like many championship clubs can so have signed plenty of lower leagues and Ireland in recent years, Tom Barkhuzien came from Morecambe and he’s done well for them.


Agree with this , his end product has been mediocre at best nothing more . He does work hard for the team mind you.

He’s done ok overall but we should be able to replace easy enough.


I thought Keats w@nted to keep his best players ?

The very first offer we get we literally pull down our pants, the level of our negoatioations astounds me


Hi, PNE fan here, ive seen the rumours about this Ginnelly and wanted to know what he was about as i have never heard off him before today.


Yes done ok but far from a Championship player


Sound perfect for us then :joy: Seems to fit our policy, league one standard, young and un proved. Is he Irish by any chance?


Been decent for us but lets be honest his end product is far from Championship standard. Surprised a Championship club has come in for him but good luck to the kid if he gets his move. Don’t see him making an impact at that level at this moment in time if I’m honest. He’s no Scott Houghton or Willie Naughton!


I think any player with working legs will do for us atm. I think we have 10 players out through injury/suspension atm and only 1 actual winger. As long as he can run then i think he will do. Our budget isnt the biggest any way, so players like him are the only realistic option, young and with some potential to grow into.


Regardless of whether we think he is Championship level, he has been one of the bright spots on the wings - I remember a lot of fans couldn’t understand the signing when it happened, me included. Zero ambition from our board yet again.

Stale, stagnant football club.


Doesn’t that Liam Kinsella play for your lot? He looks like someone we would buy as well. Looks a class player.


Stop it, while discourse is still civil :joy: