Glass Half Full?

OK so there is still no sign of DJ and I’m beginning to think that is never going to happen but we certainly seem to be signing some quality players and already have the core of a strong side:

Goal Keeper - Evans
Right Back - Riley
Left Back - Gordon/Hussey
Centre Backs - Mcentee, Daniels, Farquharson
Midfield - Stirk, Comley, Knowles, Hutchinson
Attack - Matt

Obviously things could look a lot different if we lose Evans and Daniels but as it stands I think thats a pretty good team for this division. Also hoping that Sadler will be able to get more out of Matt, he was prolific just a couple of seasons ago and I am sure that he still has something to bring to the table. Just need to bring in a marquee striker and then sprinkle in a couple of decent loan players and I think we are not a million miles off.

Still not the finished article and a lot will obviously depend on how Sadler develops as a manager but given all the doom and gloom round here lately I genuinely do not things are as bad as some make out.


I feel better but i wouldnt go as far to say half full…

Long way to go yet

Ere we gew. This post is earlier than expected but I knew it was coming. Its average. Its an average squad so far.

You need 3 or 4 players that would literally walk into any team in the division to sustain any type of challenge. And as we know, they have to be your own players.

Look at the players the expected top challengers are attracting. Will we go down? No chance. Will we go up? Well we need more of those players mentioned above.

There is nothing to get excited about really - yet

2 more signings in the bag so I’m told


Attacking or defensive :thinking:



Lovely Jubbly

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Ok so 3-4 players that other teams would want:

Evans, Daniels, Hutchinson

If we sign DJ that would be another.

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No. 3 or 4 players that would walk into any team in this league.

The three you have mentioned are decent at this level, but were in a side that finished 16th in League Two last season. Would they walk into any promotion chasing side in this league. Not a chance.

Hear all this gubbins every year. When we sign promotion chasing-quality players I will say it.

Should have put it on the rumour thread, you can’t be held accountable then :joy: :wink:


Apologies I didn’t realise you were the sole arbiter on the abilities of our squad.


Certainly got a better idea than your good self it seems :joy::wink:

Apologies if coming across blunt. Its just that it is said every single preseason. ‘Few signings from a play off side’ ‘this team would be in the playoffs with another manager’ ‘these are a decent nucleus’ etc etc.

And all I have seen year on year is average Division 4 squads at the very best. What I meant to say is I will say if I beleive we sign true quality that is worth celebrating…

Hutchinson would.
The lad is a class above anyone in our squad and other than jonnny Phillips is the best midfielder I’ve seen on our pitch ( on his day just needs more consistency)

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