Goal music

PLEASE can we stop this? In an empty stadium, it sounds even worse.

It’s cringe, annoying and I don’t even know what relevance the piece of music has to Walsall FC. We’ve been doing it all through the tough years, so let’s draw a line and get rid or at the very least replace.


Be fair,it’s not played very often is it ?:grinning:


Tbf forgot we had it until Saturday :rofl:

Music after a goal has to be relevant, it’s hard for it not to be cringe. Every time I hear that pathetic fanfare I think of Bonzo, Whitney, Keates, and generally ■■■■ times. Please change it.

It’s just sort of there really. Not a huge fan either.

More annoys me when they use to play it when teams would come out to right before kick off instead of just allowing fans to make own chants as players run towards them although I think they’ve changed that in recent times and just read the team out which is better.

It could be worse - we could have Fleetwood’s goal music. I don’t want to spoil it for you by posting it. Search for it.

I don’t know what our goal music is. I know we started playing something many years ago and I thought to myself that I would tune it out, and I have. Genuinely no idea what it is.

Captain Pugwash theme?

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I went up there a few years back and actually chuckled when Captain Pugwash came on!

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I wouldn’t sign for them, on the basis that is the goal music. I’d want the ground to swallow me up

Omg lol. Although, at least it’s relevant to them and their club identity - as sad as it is, it makes sense. With ours, nobody knows why we play it or where its come from :man_shrugging:


Money, Money, Money would have been a good choice in the JB era

It’s cheesy but all clubs have that. Charlton with “Red red robin” is another.

Should play she wore a yellow ribbon over the PA, that would get the returning crowding singing no problem. :rofl:


So looking forward to hearing Starship again !


I was hoping someone was going to bring that dreadful goal music up,Like you say it’s really annoying, maybe the crowd cheering over the tannoy to the echos of SADDLERS SADDLERS SADDLERS ,

Send your comments to clubs SLO, see if he can instigate change.

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Or from the Pet Shop Boys “I love you, You pay my rent”

“I love you, You pay my rent boys”


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If Gamble and Mole had the first idea what they were doing, I’m sure anything that brought back memories of that previous regime, especially the last 15 years, would have been removed. Especially something as easy as changing a cd!

I’m sure they will do something soon that will suggest that they are at least a little fit for purpose…

Don’t get why clubs have goal music to be honest. Are cheering fans not enough? At least Fleetwood’s kinda makes sense though which makes ours worse. It’s just irrelevant noise.


It stems from the whole Americanisms that come with sponsorship and seeing the occasion as entertainment and an ‘experience’ that you are paying for. Started in the Premiershite and has dripped down - like the Dingles and all the fireworks by the side of the pitch. I quite often wish the money would just ■■■■ off out of football if I’m honest.