Good morning
Rushworth appears to be a little hesitant about coming out.
For me, he has been at fault for a few goals.
A time for Rose to be given a start?

No, keep Rushworth in.

Why not? Don’t see that he’s any better than Rose myself, but no doubt others will as football supporters seldom are unanimous on anything.

Rushworth lost his confidence a few weeks ago. Certainly not the player of August and September. It happens of course to a young keeper.
Rose is our player and in the circumstances he would expect to be playing now to prove himself.
I would rest Rushworth for a bit.

I don’t really mind one way or the other to be honest. Rose is slightly underrated I feel and does the basics very well, but Rushworth is an outstanding shot stopper and a better footballer.

One thing I would say, Rose is our player. Rushworth won’t be here next season (and is hopefully still here post January). If it’s this close between two players I usually err on the side of the one who is actually our player.

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Isn’t Rose out of contract so he might want to move on in six months and try as number one somewhere.

If I was to wage a fiver on it, I’d guess Rushworth has become demotivating from losing every week and will want gone soon.


Or possibly after having listened to the big time Charlies in the England kid’s squad?


Can’t blame him really lol

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I posted this link on the Port Vale thread a couple of weeks ago - looks like he’s committed to staying for the whole season.


I wouldn’t be too disappointed if Rose gets given more of a shot and Rushworh “rested” for a few games. BTW If he is to make it as an EPL/England keeper he needs to sort out his kicking as lately it looks like he’s being coached by Clayton Ince (or he thinks we’re playing rugby and is deliberately kicking for touch).

Which is really odd as in the first month or so he was pinging long accurate diagonal passes out and at that point looked one of the best passers of a ball in the whole squad!

Now it almost looks like he has had a few months been under the same goalkeeping coach that Liam Roberts had…


Funny, I thought that Rose hesitated against Cambridge for both goals. Must be something Maik Taylor is teaching them both!

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I think you hit the nail on the head we need a new goalkeeping coach

Agree, we’ve not produced a decent keeper for years… I’d challenge the coaching.

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That’s still more solid than a loan deal that could be recalled next month.

That’s a ridiculous criticism. One’s a pen and one our Centre Half has headed it straight to their striker incredibly weakly.


Get Jimmy back as GK coach


Get Jimmy back as GK …


Ah the good old days of banter table Inclusivity…