Gone very quiet on comms

imo since the take over its gone quiet on the interaction with fans from the chairman down and dc not giving much away

I am taking it as a good sign that LP and DC are too busy trying to get a couple of strikers over the line in time for Grimsby as they hope

If they had been active on Facebook/Twitter/usw people would have said havent they got nothing better to do

Damned if you do and damned if you dont.

I do expect and hope there are some announcements tomorrow, does anyone have any intel ? Or has the leak been fixed ?


I’d argue we knew more with Bonsor and whatever poor sod he’d got to face the fan wrath at any given time. At least then we knew that we were being screwed.

What’s the details behind the freehold? “Ah it’s too complicated for your pretty little head”

What’s the budget? “Very very competitive, don’t worry about that. Have a free pint”

How long were our players signed for? “Ah can’t tell you mate sorry. Agents and that”

Ok how come Guthrie isn’t starting Saturday? “Could be injured, could not be. It’s all a mystery!”


Day 30 in the post-Bonser house:

First person suggests that we had something better under Jeff.

Never change, Walsall. Never change.


Notice I didn’t actually say that:

“At least then we knew that we were being screwed.”

We don’t know we are being screwed here. We don’t even know if our midfielders are fit or if they will be here next season.

People were quick to moan about comms under our previous leader. I don’t see any improvement and on a playing level even less info.


it does not help when guthre goes on sky I might imo be wrong but his he on pay as u play so going on sky pays the bills



Very much :man_facepalming:

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Yeah same ■■■■■ who kept telling us that leahy wasn’t at fault for as many goals as we all thought

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Right, I’ll bite.

There’s been an obvious improvement in communication from the previous regime, it’s really not difficult to see. In 30 days, I’ve already heard more from Pomlett than I ever did from Bonser in the previous 20odd years that I’ve been supporting Walsall. Whilst he might not have spelled out the exact fine details of a highly complex transaction, I at least feel more informed about the situation than I did a couple of months ago.

He’s also been present and public pre-game before the FGR match and we’ve also had a couple of news articles in the last couple of weeks from him thanking supporters for the Early Bird offer. It’s not loads, but it’s something and along with the commitment for his attendance at a number of fans forums over the season, it’s been a marked improvement from a communications point of view.


LP also writes an item in the match programme. There is no pleasing some people. As for the Manager he won’t give us details on injuries but I do think it would be good to given outline timescales for the return of players.

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Would someone, anyone, give us an update on the progress or lack of it regarding Kory Roberts?

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Improvement in communication? More words or any more meaning? Do you know the situation with the freehold? We knew what it was before.

Do you know what the budget it? We knew it was ■■■■■ before.

I’m not saying it’s as bad as Bonsor I’m saying communication is very much in the same league. But that’s not what people will hear so whatevs. People can’t seem to handle it when you ask the same questions of Pomlett/Clarke as was asked of previous regimes and this will be no different.

I was not having a go about comms between fans and club but it would help if we knew when a player is a week away from being fit or six months

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Yep. It’s almost as if we pay our money to watch or something.

Isn’t there a new club comms officer ?

I literally don’t understand what else you want.

From the Board’s point of view, I’ve outlined the measures they’ve already undertaken in terms of media interviews and a fans’ forum, aswell as future planned events.

If the quality of answers aren’t to your liking then there’s loads of chances for you to directly ask the Chairman whatever you want, which was NEVER the case under Bonser.

In regards to the playing side, Clarke extended an open invite to any supporter to ask him questions in person, as he is openly cagey in press conferences. I understand this isn’t a media strategy that will please everybody, but, again at least there’s a clear avenue to find out information if you wish. :+1:

He also welcomed anyone down to the training ground to watch through the sessions and have complete access. I don’t know of any other previous manager that has suggested this, and seems like a pretty unprecedented opportunity for anybody who thinks there’s smoke and mirrors tactics at play.

And a final factor. It might be worth considering the line of questioning from our local media. Should they be more forceful in their questioning to Clarke over certain issues? Instead of previous managers, Whitney and Keates, who would talk at length without much persuasion, Clarke is definitely more media savvy.


He’s coming on pretty well actually,apparently he can get an erection without the help of the physio now…:shushing_face:

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Ah we’ve had this before. It’s the media’s fault. No it isn’t. If Clarke doesn’t want to disclose important info about the team what do you want the press to do? Waterboard the bloke? They can’t do anything.

Nice I can watch them train. Be good if I knew when they’d actually be playing.

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Oh dear …:hear_no_evil::joy: