Goodbye Old pal

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It is with a heavy heart that I inform you all that last night. We lost one of our own

My brother in law. Weed sadly passed away last night. After his brave battle with cancer , Another lifelong saddler has gained his wings and is now flying high

Weed., where do I start, you where not only my brother in law but my best pal, And part of me has gone with you,

You where a legend in every sense of the word. And I’m sure there’s many saddlers who could tell a tale or two. About. The escapades you. Had. Whilst following Dh

Always the life and soul and it was an honour to have you as a brother in law, You will forever be. Remembered within the memories you have left me with. , you touched so many people and each will have there own special. Memory of you I have that many Wonderfull ones it would be impossible. To pick one

From a young age. You Took me. All round the country. With the older beechdale lads , Following Dh. who all looked out for me, who needed a school. When you where getting an education like that And what an education it was, But the less said about the lessons learnt the better lol

Everything is raw. At the minuite pal and a million words could never do you justice Yes there were times I could have killed you getting us in the scrapes you did but then you would throw that smile and say. David [email protected]*k em
Get your fags out and stand there laughing , whilst the madness commenced

But that was you to a tee weed not a care in the world, and as many would agree we wouldn’t have had. You any other way.

43 years you have been a massive part of my life and if I’m honest. It will never be the same again without you.

Walsall games will never be the same again for me As the two men who. Installed there passion for Walsall FC into Me My father And you. have now both passed

The coach trips will never be the same. But I guarantee you one thing. Weed. Your seat on the Issa coach will never be sold , it will remain empty in your honour. , as I know you will be there in spirit

As I said earlier. A part of me goes with you weed , but for now it’s. Goodnight. God bless And as we always said. Streetenders never die. They just go straight to hell and regroup whilst awaiting the next escapade lol, And God help anyone who tells you. Smoking is not permitted lol

John ( weed ) Stephenson always loved always remembered
You broke our hearts last night. John

All our love. Dave Jane and the boys


Never met you Weed but you sound my sort of bloke.
From a former Streetender.

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Ah balls!

Sorry to hear your news - love to you all. Look forward to raising a glass in his memory.

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So sorry to hear of your loss mate :pensive:
R.I.P Fella, until we meet in that great big boozer in the sky

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R.I.P Weed. Fly high, Saddler in the Sky.


Only really known weed two years but such a likeable bloke, fly high mate.
Condolences to all the family at this sad time.

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RIP fellow saddler.