Goodbye weed

Independent saddlers supporters association


Sad day. Approaching tomorrow. ( Friday). As we will be gathered to say our goodbyes. To weed

Weed , where do I start as no matter how many words I write will ever do you justice

You where so much more than a brother in law to me, You where a major part of my life, and I will be eternally grateful that you where

And you have left me with a lifetime of memories, that I will be able to look back on, and you will forever live on within those memories, and. if each one was worth a pound you would have left me a millionaire old pal

Most of them revolve around Walsall FC. As I had the privalidge of having a Walsall legend as my brother in law , And from an early age. Was taken all round the country. By you and. The older beechdale lads. Who also followed the saddlers , And seeing. That I would never have a bar of school You lot gave me the best education that I could have. Never learnt in any classroom but. the , (. Less said about the lessons received tho the better lol )

I could write a book. About the escapades you got us into , but that was you. Always. Up for the crack. And often the instigator of the shenanigans that followed but who always seemed to escape. The blue flashing light,s ( again. We will save those for that book )

Our bond was not only the football tho and you would constantly be on the phone during your many D I Y projects. , and it was always the same

" you doing anything, If not could you just pop. Here and there and so on,

Then after dropping your. Order off and returning home. Within. Ten mins. Phone rings again,

You doing. Anything. As I forgot. To tell you to get so and so, And I REALY need it,

Think I spent more time. In [email protected] than most of its. Employees did, I used to dread those words. I’m going to make this. Lol. As it. Signalled. The start. Of. Many journeys. , But I’ll tell you something old pal. I’d give anything for that phone to ring again,

I often said you where Peter Pan. And would never grow up, And you know what you never did, You remained. That loveable honest rouge That you always where , and even as your illness. Took hold of your body you still retained that quick witted banter and one liners that where your trademark to the bitter end

When I got the phone call on the Saturday of your passing , to come and see you, I knew deep down. As I sat and held your hand that our time together was nearing its end, but as said. The memories you leave me with. Ensure you are with me every day

A part of me will go with you tomorrow old pal, and life will never be the same without you , neither will the Walsall games. As. I can’t ever remember a game I’ve been to that you was not present at

The amount of times I’ve been asked. At games. Where’s weed. And my response was always the same. Just look for plumes of smoke. And he will be underneath. It , and. Every time I was correct. And you could be found. Electing your own pope lol, I’m sitting here. Laughing at when you accidentally set fire to the ladies toilets at Charlton athletic. Whilst attempting to have a crafty fag
( but that’s another story for the book lol )

Another time when up at Anfield for the semi final of the milk cup and you climbed up into the roof stantions , to get the best view then. Wouldn’t come down. Much to the annoyance. Of an irate police inspector. , As said so many memories. Of a true legend who I was honoured to have as my brother in law

One thing you always said was. Old street Enders never die, They just go to a place to re group whilst planning there next escapade

I hope where ever this place. Is weed that you have arrived safely and have a snakebite in hand , whilst. Causing mayhem. Alongside. Many other. Saddlers we have lost

Goodnight. God bless. Weed. And forever fly high old pal, till we meet again.

You where one in a million. And will for ever live on in the memories you leave us with

All our love. Dave, Jane, Oliver and Louie


Such a hard day today mate :cry:
just hope you are all ok and love to you all xx

Brilliant send off mate, and to see so many outside stadium. Give him a round of applause as we walked the hearse to. offices was unreal, Fantastic touch from club bringing everyone out. Including the chairman who stood there clapping with the ones gathered.

Great turnout of some old faces afterwards at railway club. Where we had his service beamed. Live to and a fantastic turnout from the.Liverpool lads who travelled down.
He will be greatly missed mate.