Greg halford

is training with us hoping to earn a contract!

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35 yrs old so no thanks ! There are plenty of young and keen players on our books so give them a chance.

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Journeyman, injury record, no thanks.


Agree with the two posters above, not needed. Play our young 'uns.

I’d have taken him 2/3 years ago. Might be alright in league 2. Overall, nah tar.

Totally agree that he’s to old for a young Saddlers team in development and can only get better, however Greg has stated that “I have always said if I could play for free I really would – and that shows the character I am.” In that basis it might be a good move that costs nothing!!

We’re not training at all?

Saw his name mentioned and presumed he was in to replace Marcus Stewart.

Then realised Halford and I are the same age and that I’ll never play for Walsall, even in an Sean Bean in ‘When Saturday Comes’ scenario.

Had a quick cry then watched the rest of Tenable. How’s your lock-down going?


I got every answer on Tenable regarding the “Caution”.
Proud :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’d never seen it before this lock-down, but Tenable is absolutely ace! Worth going on the dole for…


Halford would have offered us something a few years ago, but I can’t see him replacing the youngsters we currently have in those positions.
If he got his fitness levels up and would play for free, it might be worth a punt.

JB would have loved any player who wanted to play for free. Are we still at that level?