Grimsby and southend contesting relegation

This seems preposterous, since I have no idea what relegation from the conference has to do with a team being relegated from league two…but there is one very scary proposal in there, namely that no teams are relegated from league two this year, two teams are promoted from the conference and, next year, four teams are relegated from league two. If dutton remains in charge, would you be confident of us keeping out of the bottom four?

No , I wouldn’t

Absolutely ridiculous they should accept their fate with dignity take it on the chin and try and bounce back.Leagues are designed to have promotion and relegation they are down there because they haven’t played well enough simple as that.


Their argument appears to be that, if you’re going to have promotion from the conference, you must also have relegation, which is impossible since lower leagues were cancelled.

What all that has to do with two teams who weren’t good enough in league two, I don’t know. But the world of the EFL has seen stranger things happen…

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I can’t see it happening, you would hope not. To answer the question though, I wouldn’t back him to keep us out the bottom 2.

Sorry mate I went on a rant and didn’t answer the question erm…. No I don’t have any confidence he would keep us out the bottom four places if that was what was going to happen.Looking at the almost half a season he’s had here cements that for me and even if he were to be trusted with recruitment alongside Fullerton and stay on as manager history suggests he’d sign poor players after being involved with this lot initially.

I got confused by their logic on that… because then if you had no relegation from League Two, you’d have no promotion. Making the whole season pointless for everyone right through the leagues.

Just stinks of being ungraceful in defeat.


Proper pair of knobs.


‘Big’ six signing up to an exclusive, closed shop elite league without asking anyone. Bottom two league clubs contesting a fair and square relegation because… reasons.

Game’s gone barmy.

Let them swap places with teams from the national league north and south if they are so concerned about those teams not getting promoted :+1:


If only we still had re-election then they might have a hope.

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What a bunch of jokers

If they do appeal and it fails(which it will)I’d slap them with a fine on top for the sheer cheek of it.

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They must be relatives of Trump’s, we got relegated because the other teams in the league cheated and it was stolen from us!!!

They’ll probably have Rudy Giuliani representing them.

Giuliani was a pretty decent mayor of NY City and quite popular mainly because he went after the mobster’s and his handling of that awful day when the towers fell.

He became more senile as he got older and befriended Trump and bought in his bs, conspiracies and lies.
I have zero respect for either of them.

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