Grimsby Town chairman calls for League Two season to be suspended amid EFL crisis

Grimsby Town chairman Philip Day has called for the League Two season to be suspended as the EFL crisis worsens. We have no fans, and to be faced with an extra £5,000 a week (for testing), we should be closing down . To be Honest i think i agree with him I have been saying this for the last few days a lot of clubs will be in trouble I think it would be a good idea to just pause for now. Yes there will still be no money coming in but it should save a bit of money not playing as well.


I presume players would still need to be paid and the furlough scheme is not what it was will clubs needing to pay a lot of the money towards wages now. If we play at least there will be some i follow money which we wouldn’t be getting. Testing is optional so that may stop.

I think a suspension is the only way forward, clubs cannot and will not survive by throwing much needed funding down the drain.

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How will the current new scheme work with players’ wages.
Mr Sunak said it was right to end the scheme and it would not be extended, but said the new Job Support Scheme will support people in work - rather than those unable to work.

The scheme will allow employers to take people on for at least a third of their normal working hours and pay them for just what they work - the [UK Government ] will make up the rest of their pay up to two thirds.
I think the players were on the original furlough scheme where the government paid the wages but this wouldn’t happen now so where would this money come from?

The PFA are very very quiet.


The Premiership, clubs and players should donate £24 million to League 2. That would cover 2/3 rd of the wage cap for every club. It might sound a lot of money but when you consider they paid more than 800 million in transfer fees this summer and the 24 million could be written off against tax. I know it won’t happen but in these times of crisis those that have should help those who are struggling.

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Not surprised the Grimsby Chairman is calling for a suspension with the start they’ve had,makes you wonder what will happen when the games come thick and fast,and teams are struggling with injuries, will clubs be tempted to play the Covid card?

As always. Not fit for purpose.

Gareth Bale could donate his ridiculous salary.

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He could, but it’s nothing to do with him or what he earns.

Might not be but the game has given him the wealth he has, so it would be a nice gesture if he and other rich stars show some thought for lower league clubs that may have launched them on their way to being mega rich.

I commented on that in another post and got shot down by a few on here, not by you may I add :+1:t3::nerd_face:

Surprised he didn’t make a bid for Wrexham

I cannot go along with this idea. Suspend now and it may never restart in my view.We have to plough on and hope the government sees sense and allows Clubs with COVID secure grounds to have spectators. It has u turned a lot so one more should not be ruled out.


I do agree. If this season is ended now or in the near future, I think that is pretty much goodnight unless there is some serious support from somewhere.

Carry on and keep putting the pressure on to allow fans back in stadiums is the best hope.

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Premier league support for EFL

Interesting . . . .

I know Walsall fans will help out as much as they can because they’re good, hard-working decent people.
They want to help LP out too. I can see the strain on his face, the pressure must be enormous.
Collectively, we have to put pressure on the government to let fans attend games.
The club has gone to great lengths to provide a COVID safe stadium, what if we guarantee the government that all attendees had tested negative for the virus. Written confirmation would be provided by the testing authority, given to the fan who then show that to the club when they are ready to purchase the tickets.
Who is going to pay for those tests? The Government!
Sorry to say this politicians but we’re in a crisis, money needs to be found, find it. Look under every rock, borrow Peter to pay Paul, add it to the national debt, but do something - ACT!
Can we really as a country afford to lose 20-30 professional football clubs and the impact they have on those communities? No. of course not.
If the PL would donate just 10% of their TV money to the lower leagues, that would be more than enough to sustain us through this crisis.
Players earning 100K+ per week, donating a week’s wages to help out other clubs, would not only be something that would not miss, but earn them huge respect from fans globally.
I would love that to happen, but fear we live in such a greedy society, the chances of it happening is not great…unfortunately.

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