Guardian piece on Russell Martin


Welsh would not tolerate this bullshit…


Whoops. Whoever does the swear filter is slacking…


■■■■ ■■■■ fuckedy ■■■■


In today’s print version.


Welsh is back, and amending like there’s no tomorrow !!! :persevere:



… and another great gift from Yarksheeer, Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Alfie Noakes with stories from the naarrth


I suppose it’s obvious it’s NSFW just because it’s Derek and Clive, but some of our younger members might not have a clue?


I did wonder.
My lad is 20 and knows all about Derek and Clive.
Cant :rofl:
And as an old bastard, I had to look up NSFW


It wasn’t … " chuffin chuffin chuffin … :rofl::rofl::rofl: " … till our mate Welsh got back :wink:

sorry Welsh and you never answered my PM :disappointed:


My old room mate at Uni used to play Derek and Clive, usually late at night after we’d had too many snakebites. Often after a loud blast of “Liberator” by Spear Of Destiny. Oh what a laugh we had listening to them. Not for the sensitive ears.


Accidentally deleted above post and couldn’t get it back.
Had a friend who was very keen on D & C . Can remember a lot of evenings, in the dim distant past, joining in with the lyrics of **** you ******* **** etc etc when very much under the effect of various influences. My friend can still recite the whole of that sketch as well as Monty Python’s Philosophers’ Song.


Derek and clive :rofl: brings back so many memories, the first time i ever heard it was while i was working on the mods down clarks lane by the lord wimsey, people would go to work leaving their houses open for us to do the work, they would live upstairs while we converted the down, then move down to let us convert upstairs, anyway it was in one of these houses that i ventured upstairs to have a mooch, i was a nosey little bastard, and in one of the bedrooms was a record player and the d&c LP. so i put it on and lay on the bed to listen to it, next thing i remember was some bird screaming that i had invaded her privacy, and being thrown down the stairs by our charge hand at the time big billy edwards, i had fallen asleep while listening to it and the woman had come home from work to see me snoring away on her sons bed :rofl:


I still read it @hullsaddler, if you click on the pen it is still visible to us :wink:


Good story to include in your memoirs! Have you made any decision about whether you are going to try and give it a go?
Bit late to be ‘Confessions of a Council Worker’ and would have probably have had a different ending if it had been turned into a rubbishy 1970s movie!


To be honest mate i think about it on a daily basis, i could probably write 2 books lol, but someone said to me that because some of the people i worked with are still alive i could get them into trouble :rofl:


Couldn’t you bump them all off?


Then i would have to rename the book " confessions of a council hitman" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If it’s turned into a film who do you fancy to play you?


joe pesci :rofl: my nephew thinks i am the spit of him :rofl: