Guess the Attendance?

Recent optimism wont have found its way into the wider community yet I wouldnt think. 4700 would be good with Barrow bringing a surprisingly healthy 400.

4529 ( 120 )

4472 …for the steam buffs


4657 (323)

4793, 4792 if I don’t go.

4963 with 168 visitors

Can someone please tell us all …what do we actually win if we guess the attendance correctly :thinking:

You will be lucky if you are ever recognised as winning never mind getting anything :joy: :wink:

Geoff Bonser’s best wishes.

Is that the Jeff Bonser impersonator?

4532 289 away

Can I adjust my away attendance prediction? Downwards. I assume they must be stuck on the M6?

  1. Can’t remember the number of Barrow fans, I think it was something like 224.

Something like a 330 mile round trip


837 sold so far 840 more tickets have been made available , very impressive.

Port vale away.

I’m dragging the kids along so there’s 4 of us Instead of 1, hopefully many more do the same.

Also with 2 home games on the bounce, win them and we could be looking at really good numbers.

Got my 4 sorted and potentially a couple more coming with us depending on work. Anything over 1000 is top support on a Tuesday night but hoping we can push towards 1500.