Guess the Attendance?

Northampton tickets for boxing day now on sale we usually get 1,500 allocation there I expect us to sell that many it’s only a hour away.

20 minutes for some of us. Perfect Boxing Day game.

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How was Alicante mate?

Warmer than it his here! Might be the final trip abroad for a while…

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Last time i went to Marbella in November it pissed down every day, and the only time i saw the pool was when i went past it to the bar :joy:

It’s snowing in pelsall mate white over blizzard conditions :cold_face:

Newport (H) 5,143 (850 away)

4698…. 600 Newport fans.

4856…500 from Wales

4143, plus 857 away.

4,750 plus 1,200 away fans

1200 away?

They reckon they are going to turn up in numbers because of the situation in wales and they haven’t seen a game for a while.They see this a more of a local area than say Hartlepool etc so I’ve gone for over a thousand travellers yes.

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9999 fans in attendance

6002 including 1240 from Weeyells

Crikey wouldn’t have expected that!

Should be over 5k then.

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I may be wrong part of me wanted to over inflate figures as that’s the norm these days :wink: .I’m hoping for a big crowd and a good atmosphere everyone in the ground home and away hasn’t seen a drop of football over the festive period.Apart from on TV of course.

I ay watched a drop of football since we last played :flushed:

All that sunshine and no football on the telebox?? You can’t have everything Belph :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.In fact it’s a tough one that is….football or sunshine?

5665 (950 Dragons)