Guess the game

Guess the game 1

What game is this?
Teams, score, scorers and season?

Tiebreaker: How much did I pay for my ticket?.

A Mars bar for the winning entry. (Lockdown and travel restrictions permitting.)

You’re gonna need the tiebreaker here!

Plenty on here that were at that game. So yes.

Warm…is that Shrewsbury?


Maybe you won’t need that tiebreaker! :wink:

The experts haven’t got up yet

Guess the game 2

More of the same

A goal coming later.

They are both the same game.

(In answer to APJ88)

Shrewsbury away (based off the kits in crowd I think 2017)

No clue on scorers.

Here’s the goal.

Guess the game 3

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Keiron Morris!

His mom would be proud…


Confirmation of venue

Guess the game 4 (and last)

(Andreas Makris!)

One scorer to get, and, in @Pedagogue mode, the season.

Winner: @craiggrifo

Honourable mentions:
@HughBear @simon

I think we could of run this for forever and I’d never of gotten the scorers haha.
Looking at that bench was brandon ganley a youth team keeper as I have no memory of him at all.

Also Franck Moussa I wonder what ever happened to him don’t think he had another team after us

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He went to Gillingham. I remember he was on the bench for our 0-0 draw down there. Took my girlfriend, her sister and her partner. What a day out that was…

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Here’s an easy one.

Name that game

Teams, score, scorers, season

Tiebreaker: Where did I watch the match?