Guess The Signature Game

Bit of festive fun.

Jeff Peron?


Richard O’Donnell?

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Zigor Aranalde?

Darren Wrack

Donningtons correct.

Next one

Rhys Weston

Yeah. Could be. I wondered if it was Ben Purkiss

Here are the others. Guess away!

  1. Andy Butler


  1. Romaine Sawyers

  1. James Chambers

  1. Febian Brandy

  1. Nicky Featherstone

  1. Sam Mantom

  1. Andy Taylor

  1. Kieron Morris

  1. Paul Downing

Hold on so you set this feed up and you don’t actually know the answers?


Hmm. Nobody’s perfect.

Think it must be from the 2013/14 or 2014/15 season if that helps.

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Think it’s Purkiss tbh

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Is that a beach ball?

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No 8 Gazza :rofl:

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  1. Andy Butler

There’s only one…

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No. 14 - did we have a player named Mitre? :thinking:

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No. 7 - James Chambers?

BTW looks like some of the signatories have also written their squad number…

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