Guthrie has gone

Walsall Football Club can confirm that midfielder Danny Guthrie has today left the club by mutual consent


Best deal so far.


Without being to disrespectful but that is the best business we have done this window.


Falling out? Surely been paid off as he’s unlikely to find another club.

In the E&S too:

If he’s agreed mutually he gets a compensation payment a years worth of greggs vouchers


Could turn up at stevenage sponsored by Burger King aren’t they?


Waste of time giving him a new deal last summer.

Him looking way off the pace and getting sent off at Harrogate was indication of this.

Wonder if Sinclair’s contract might be paid up aswell?


:rofl::rofl: that’s 2 down!

A lovely right foot.

That was about it. Absolutely woeful athlete and it appears, a poor professional.


His legs had gone first; now followed by the rest of his body.

Right decision made

Good lucky Danny. I’m sure that you will find bigger pasties to eat :moon_cake::moon_cake:

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I was told this was likely a couple of weeks ago.

Clarke had a conversation with Guthrie and said that he was highly unlikely to feature in his plans going forward. Guthrie wants to continue playing so was keen to come to an agreement and leave rather than sit out the remainder of his contract.

Good luck Danny.

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He’s only 33, if he could be bothered he still has 2 seasons left.

Puts into perspective the difference in fitness between Guthrie and Adam Chambers… AC was 33 at the start of the Wembley season, and still played another 3 seasons without disgracing himself in League One. He was 37 when he played his last game for us, 2 years older than Sadler is now!


Our dog had a couple of seasons. She was never quite the same after the second litter.

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​Good luck, but it was probably a bridge too far. Even in the previous season could be said.

Clearly had quality last season, although even then he missed far too many games, but this year has been very very poor. Not disappointed to see him go.

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Will miss his two great passes a season.

What a waste of time he’s been.

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