Hal Robson kanu

Training with the club

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What a signing that would be.

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" Training with the club" sometimes means just that.

Obviously. Just telling the supporters something they would want to know


thought he was still with the baggies?

Nope. Released


I’d say it’s similar to Wilfred Bony training with Newport before.


Brown all day for me


Would be THE marquee signing that would encourage all Walsall fans, let’s just hope that he’s not just using our excellent training facilities (when we are not flooded) to keep in shape!

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Where’s this info come from I can’t find anything saying he’s training with us?

Radio wm confirmed it after the match . I wasn’t there today so was listening to the commentary

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Notwithstanding the fact that Hal would be obviously delighted to join the saddlers.

Wasn’t he on 40k a week at albion. Slight stumbling block lol

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Doe pay in scratchings though reg !

Not really. WM presenter confirmed he’d heard the same rumour, but knew no more than that.

If the media channels know about it I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t true

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Absolutely no chance of seeing him in a Walsall shirt. Just training for fitness I’d think

He’s got a tumeric company that is apparently doing really well so he probably would only be training for fitness but we can all live in hope, what a signing he would be.

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I think similar, he’s training for fitness and Albion ground is nearby. He’s too young to drop to fourth level yet I think.