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Happy New Year (nearly)


Just a quick thank you to everyone who has commented and contributed to UpTheSaddlers during 2018 and stuck with us when we moved to the new format in the summer.

Look forward to more discussion, debate and occasional wibble in 2019!



Happy New Year all! @simon thank you for your sponsorship on the Trust kit.

May 2019 be a great one for all.


I’m looking at our fixtures coming up and I have a feeling that we can do a Barnsley! Play offs here we come. 2019: the year of the optimist…


Happy New Year, one and all!


Happy new year to all on UTS (even those who don’t think that I’m always right about everything that I post)…:clock12::grin::clinking_glasses:


Yes happy new year to one and all .

Hope we are all pleased at the end of the season , and Mr Big may have some new year resolutions that cheer us all up . :+1:



Happy new year, have a good’n all.


Obviously you’ve been on something stronger than the Christmas sherry …:rofl::rofl:


Absinthe I think :joy:


Even I make mistakes sometimes… :beers:


Hope he’s still conscious come midnight then …:joy:


No never …:joy:


Draw a squiggly line. Shake your phone and watch as it draws an exact portrait of you. Incredible.

For those who want a cheap laugh - you can send this via your phone too!



A very happy, peaceful and successful 2019 to the lot of you!!



Mines not working …every time i try it theres a picture of Mr Bonser come up , is that working properly ? …:ok_hand:


Happy new year everybody.

Let’s hope 2019 gives us a bit more to cheer than a last gasp goal to guarantee safety.

And @simon a special ta for taking on this old place and giving it a shot in the arm. Seems to be thriving.


A Happy and healthy New Year to all especially Simon for running the whole thing. I also wish our beloved team a successful New Year as we strive to find that elusive consistency.


A Happy and Pointsful new year to Saddlers everywhere!


Yeah actually @simon I forgot to say thanks for taking over. I wasn’t going to use it much but because it’s amazing on my phone I’m always on!

Met a lot of good people through the original site back in the League 2 season, so UTS will always have a soft spot in my world!


Happy 2019! Hic!


Feliz año nuevo

Well done Simon and the mods for your efforts in keeping the site going from strength to strength.