Happy Valentines Day

To the team that always cause heartbreak for us, yet we always come back for more. Walsall FC.

What is your best Valentines Day memory of Walsal FC? There’s been games played on this day forever so let’s hear ‘em!

Liverpool in Milk cup, second leg probably the most famous one on this date - another heartbreaker

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  1. Carlisle away.

I managed to persuade my then girlfriend that a trip to watch the Saddlers on Valentines day would be lovely as we could pop to Gretna first & soak up the atmosphere.
I expected Gretna to be full of quaint little cafes & bistros, so we could have lunch then shoot down the road for the footy.

Has anyone else been ?
There is absolutely sod all there !!!
Well there wasn’t in 1998 anyway.

Ended up getting to the ground really early & shared a steak & kidney pie, before a completely un-inspiring 1-1 draw.

I know how to spoil 'em … lol

3-3 at Forest in 2004, though we were 3-1 up at half-time…

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I remember doing my nut as we threw it away, especially with their late equaliser.

A fellow fan telling me to chill as we had still got a point.

Wasn’t very costly was it in the context of the season?

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Got engaged that day and coincidentally so did my wife!

We celebrated by going to the match.

We had so many chances to have won that match.

I’m expecting Chunk to tell a story about shagging a bird in the bogs during a match.


Well it certainly LOOKED like one :sweat_smile:


The St Valentine’s Day shooting of our number 1 fan…or was that just a dream?:crossed_fingers::grinning:

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