Has Walsall's decline 'bottomed out'

It’s like saying Miller is a good loan, he isn’t.

We could have signed a league 2 level striker who could offer just as much. A loan is meant to offer value or improvement.

I think we’ve fell into a trap of only taking you long loans who need heavy development. Which falls flat on its face when throwing them straight into the first team with no real quality around them.

@Thanatos read before replying ….

I said “I was ….”

As in at the time great call …

Moving on though, fans with attitudes like you really do deserve clubs like ours. Akin to what we’ve watched at Wolves over the years

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[quote=“WalsallOne, post:177, topic:7051, full:true”] but I am sure that if we played more than one up front this team would be better placed than it is now

conjecture / blind optimism imo.

Obviously we all have our own opinions but surely opinions are formed based on something? What do you see in these players that I don’t? Am genuinely interested.

Well I may be wrong but I think if we could get more people into the penalty box we would score more goals. Time and again we see Miller out muscled by 2 centre backs .Put someone alongside him is my answer and put them under some pressure. I think Phillips could do it although it might be better to push Wilkinson closer to Miller. If we scored more goals the pressure on the defence would be less and I think the whole team would benefit from a confidence lift.
All this would be helped by the signing of another couple of forwards now Khan has gone . As I have posted several times we now need 4 players to make us really competitive in this Division.

Wilkinson when he’s fit other than that no one

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I actually think that, on paper, the signings of Rushworth, Monthe, Ash Taylor, ward, Ladabie, Wilkinson and Miller give us 7 really good quality players at this level. Add in earing, who has been the surprise, and a fit Holden and you would think the team would be around the play offs.

In practice, at least 3 of those 7 have disappointed compared to expectations and Holden isn’t fit. The question is why that is. Is it coaching? Is it formation? Is it failing to settle here (as with Ash Taylor)?

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Hindsight’s a wonderful thing Monthe and Labadie for me at the time of signing as many others thought wow what’s going on we’ve signed a big strong centre half and a midfielder that’s made the playoffs more often than not wherever he’s played.We ended up with a bloody homophobe(allegedly) and a bloke who loves a yellow and gets injured easily.Should the homework have been done on Monthes behaviour absolutely as for Labadie I can’t blame Fullerton for that as on paper he should have been a cracker.Then we have the likes of Earing,Kiernan,Wilkinson,Ward,Ash Taylor etc non have been consistent at all the only bloke who will throw a 7 out of 10 each week was already here and now finds himself on the bench it’s a crackers call that one is.

We’ve definitely missed Monthe be glad when he’s back

Agreed mate he’s come good on a pitch shame about the other stuff really even Labadie on his day is a fantastic player he just doesn’t do it regularly enough for me.

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It’s no coincidence that our best spell this season came when Ladabie was on top of his game. Silly yellows are always going to happen with him, but get 35 decent games a season out of him and we’d be doing well. Unfortunately, we’re nowhere near that rate and, again, I wonder why?

So have the majority of League 2 defenders this season.


Hes been a director for 12 years!

And what will we get?
See ‘Wiltshire’s’ now infamous last minute reserve on loan on 31st Jan.
It’s just so sad, our club is laughing stock.
We were always the butt of Music hall comedians, and have continued to be so with the also infamous “I didn’t come here on a free transfer from Walsall to talk about shorts!”

I can’t see us scoring another goal let alone getting another point.

Has Walsall’s decline bottomed out: Nope.

Didnt expect it this year, but not at all surprised.

Even when the depth of the mess we were in January became apparent, we repeated, no worsened the calamitous January of 2021.

Our board deserve this, not that they care. Project asset strip nearly complete.

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He’s nearly got the job done

Gewwww on Pomlett !

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This won’t go down well but here goes…we would not have been in this position under Bonser. He would not have appointed Fullerton end of.


Bonser didn’t suffer fools and would never have jeopardised Walsall Fcs league status.

Any bottoming out I genuinely believe we could go down as far as conference North. There are some very big clubs in the National League

Correct, if brave decisions are not made today/tomorrow, this is far from over. Keep saying it but ask Halifax and Notts County.

Yep, very true.