Has Walsall's decline 'bottomed out'

Yes it was Wayne Thomas. One of the kids teams at the game was from the ACE academy he runs.

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If my Grandma had wheels she would be a bike. Let’s just wait and see.

One win is all it was. We have seen plenty in isolation over the last 5 years - doesn’t mean a thing.


Me personally I don’t see us as a championship or league one side anymore I see us for what we currently are it’s probably time most of us do the same and most probably are now that’s why the reaction is so good to a win in league two against Salford.This might sound daft but in my mind a game in the conference is still 22 men and a ref with 2 goal posts at the end of the pitch that’s my mindset these days anything else is a bonus

I’m not getting carried away, on many threads I have been positive about where I think this squad (once we get key players back) can be and thats top 10.

Ridiculous to think we are just 5 points off play offs.

It’s very early in the season. I’d think that it’s a standard gap from lower midtable to playoffs at this point of the season.

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We’ve won 7 games out of the last 37 games

In league two

National league in all but name


Puts where the good ship Pomlette has taken us into perspective

How about: National League, in all but the real world.

10 days later still think this is where we are, could be this year or another two years but the only way we are exiting this division is by promotion.
Cheer up you miserabilists.

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Unfair to compare to last season surely ?

Exactly, 3 of those 7 are this season, and why in 37 that’s not even the whole of last season?

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The stat given by @Paddington demonstrates both why we get a bit giddy when we win and also exactly why we shouldn’t.

We finished 19th last year and a quarter into this season that is where we find ourselves. Hopefully in the u of the u bend of our long term fortunes.

At the risk of being guilty of that one win giddiness there are some green shoots but they are extremely fragile. The green shoots are based upon the fact we are creating more chances than the opposition despite allowing the opposition to dominate the ball. I’m sure that wasn’t the Taylor master plan but with Miller up top (he was massive for both goals yesterday despite not touching the ball in either move) it gives us someone to hit and play off and create chances that our possession stats suggest we don’t deserve. I’m not that arsed with possession stats to be honest so if this is the “way” we begin the climb back then I think that’s OK.

But mention of Miller is also a signal of that fragility. To quote The Streets - at Walsall FC “everything is borrowed”. The ground, the training ground and half the team. If for whatever reason the “big four” of our loanees disappeared we’d be knackered and back to looking like a very non league outfit. Why Maneyese is here is astounding given what we saw of Mansfield the other week. In addition, Rushworth, Miller and Philips make up the rest of that four. Whip those away and what is left looks very weak.

Green shoots and hope. Yes. But I’m looking at the foundations upon which those are sprouting and not getting overly excited. We’re 19th - again. Above 13th at Christmas and then a window where we retain everybody and add one or two would make me far more comfortable around declaring a corner turned.


All I was pretty much saying above with the 22 men on a pitch analogy is that I’d support this club even if we were in the leagues below the national league as I’m sure all of the people on here would. I would put money on me coming on this site in the national north and seeing conversations from the likes of @RedandWhite @chunkster @Belphegor @P.T and @ whoever else you’d care to tag in a post.


And me, Scooby! I’ll support us whatever league we are in. My dad’s ashes are buried near the goal at the Homeserve stand end. It’s in me blood!!


Gave me a lump in my throat that has mate I’m sure he’s watching every single home game from the stadium suite in the clouds :+1:t2:

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But surely the whole idea of the loan system is to get players into the team from higher placed clubs- players we wouldn’t normally be able to afford to buy?
If we could afford to buy them surely we would buy them? It’s the next best thing isn’t it?
I think it’s harsh to criticise the club, and JF in particular, for persuading these players to join lowly WFC for a short time, and then to complain because they’re better than what we’ve already got.


Regarding the loanees, clearly Rushworth is here as a stepping stone to far greater things.
Philips has done ok, but listening to his interviews from last season this is a loan he needs, and is an opportunity he’s making something of with a view to returning to his parent club with a greater chance of first team involvement.

Mayo and Miller are the acid test of our ambition. Both have ducked and dived around the lower divisions for a few years, neither are wanted by their parent clubs, both out of contract in the summer, and have made noises about enjoying the chance they’ve got here to settle into a home - very similar to what the likes of Ade said when he first signed.

If we can’t sign them both properly in January then that says a lot, even if it means paying fees which should be chicken feed compared to what we’ve received in fees in the last 12 months.


Agreed on the acid test of miller and mayo.

The question of is it the bottom changes every week, usually answered on the following questions:

  • Did we win?
  • Could i get a Balti pie at half time?

Thats the real litmus test down at the bescot. Ha.

But in all seriousness, LPs reign so far has led us to a relegation and a lowest ever placed finish in the basement of English professional football. I think its irrelevant that covid was there, becuase another 23 clubs had to sort their way through it too. I think he has a good heart (LP) but, walking into any existing business, if you dont change structures and roles you have the same output, regardless of whos at the top. This is very evident with us. Theres no visable difference to when Bonzo was here.


The relegation was under Uncle Jeff.


Technically yes. But if you read the notes it was being negotiated from a few months before we actually went down.

I don’t think the relegation can be pinned on LP. The dross since, yes but not that.

Not sure how he could be expected to prevent relegation during ongoing negotiations when someone else was still ultimately in control.

Then again depends on your agenda I suppose.