Has Walsall's decline 'bottomed out'

The Saudi’s have taken over Newcastle and are expected to change everything from Steve Bruce all the way down to the tea lady. ​The same happened at Port Vale.

In fact, the same happens with 99.9% of all takeovers, not just in football, and regardless of whether a business is doing okay or struggling - new owners have new ideas and their own trusted people to carry these ideas out.

Seemingly only at Walsall does a ‘takeover’ happen and failing staff and systems are kept in place from a previous regime. I especially can’t recall any similar instance from within football.

This is the reason its impossible to remember which chairman took us down, the same operations in all but name :roll_eyes:


Thing with ours was he was sort of in a word promoted to chairman after already being on the board since 2010 so there’s a difference there already compared with most takeovers it’s a little different to Saudis and Arabs coming in LP would have known all of the employees in the building for years when being moved up to chairman I agree with you wholeheartedly about your views on gamble mole et al by the way just saying it’s slightly different surely

Not exactly a takeover though was it, just one bloke passing it to his mate.

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A further 10 days later…Ditto :wink:


…and its getting worse.

Could we be the Oldham or Scunthorpe next season?


We’ll be Dover Athletic at this rate.


So just when you think we can’t slip any further, the wankers running OUR once proud football club take us to a new low, and i STILL don’t think we have bottomed out.


Bendover Athletic…

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The whole club stinks of non league

I really do feel for Fullarton Taylor And the staff

The answer to the thread, incredibly, is “no”…


Fullarton is a director and is supposedly capable of managing a budget that he would have been aware of when accpeting his directorship, ditto Taylor and his job…what other “staff”?

No it doesn’t, because in non-league folks work for their football clubs, often for nothing.
The football club stinks, but if it “stank” of non-league it would be a lot better for it than what it is now, Walsall FC has a stink all of its own making thanks to those running it, it might well be heading for non-league, and this lot will get found out there also.


You’ve half supported my point … would volunteers do much worse ? And you know full well that the national league bar a few is a professional division and that step 2 even has the odd ambitious pro club.

But do you consider the below to be of Football League standard

  • The fabric / condition / maintenance of the stadium
  • staffing of match day facilities
  • the youth team / set up in its current state we aren’t
  • other services to fans like the club shop … I bet the club shops at Halesowen and Rushall are better run and serviced
  • the strategic football planing and thinking in general since Pomlett took over
  • the players, how many of this lot would be snapped up as starters by clubs in this division ? It’s be a close 50/50 split

As for feeling sorry for JF and MT … they deserve a club where football is put first

That hasn’t been the case here for decades. I don’t know where you’ve been if you can’t see this

Isn’t that all in their hands? Like signing players that can play the word football? Or running it much better than it’s currently being run? I’m struggling to see how you can feel sorry for someone when it’s in their hands to make it better and they aren’t but that’s just my opinion.

Put yourself in Fullerton’s shoes as you walk in last spring ….

It wasn’t going to be easy for anyone …

Zero previous recruitment strategy a right miss Match of out of contract and contracted players …. Majority of which will not be part of any team who’ll get out of this league

Pomlett is your chairman (we all have our opinion on him as a leader … lots of concerns)

Substandard youth set up compared to what we’ve had previously … needs fixing

You see a club whose focus for a long time has been pushing the Venue side of things while the football just drifted along

Oh and by the way he has a run of the mill L2 budget to work with as well

Then the bloke gets hammered for not over hauling the squad in the space of one or two Windows

The people who run the club make me laugh but we have fans who are equally as deluded

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I accept some of this, and our issues are that deep rooted I don’t think Jesus could have come in as DOF and solved them in the short period of time.

However, regardless of budget, he could have signed players to fit the formation we are playing. To go into a season with one recognised striker (actually it was after the season started) on loan is negligent. We could have picked up a carthorse for what it is worth, even just as another option to lump balls at. Throw in Ash Taylor leaving after 15 appearances, not signing Khan, Monthe suspension, only having one left back who is 36 and the laser like recruitment looks frankly ridiculous.

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His track record isn’t the best is it really everywhere he’s been he’s lasted 12-18 months then been seen through now that’s reality that’s happened.Maybe he won’t be seen through here maybe he will do a good job but as @WeYamTheMods has said recruitment so far has been poor and that’s me being kind.Started well actually with a spine of Monthe Labadie and Wilkinson I seem to recall some league two clubs fans saying we were “buying the league 2 title” problem was after those 3 it went down hill and has continued to do so.One things for sure we have a massive second half of this month rabbits need to be pulled out of hats or it’ll get ugly it already is anyway after the @Dhforever scandal.

I don’t think he planned to fix us in one or two Windows

Step 1

Get a spine that’s capable of doing well in L2 … done bar the striker

Step 2

Build around it - easy if you have bags of cash or a productive youth system

He is starting from scratch


I don’t think it’s too much to ask for more than one striker (who isn’t even our own), and having your only option at left back as a 37 year old who was injured last season…

Call me crazy.

He’s completely failed.

Spine that can do well in this league ? Ay?

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Money correlates closely with league position generally. Unless MT is the new Smith we are still declining.

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