Has Walsall's decline 'bottomed out'

I was happy with the centre half’s and ladabie Wilkinson and the keeper


Yeah, and it’s worked really well hasn’t it that?

2 injured most of the time, and 1 isn’t even our own player.

We must be so grateful.

The last 15 years have been crap. Even the Smith years only actually delivered a paint trophy final loss and a playoff humiliation, but seem like a golden age compared to the rest of it.

Surviving in the third tier, the level at which we have spent most of our existence, is now pretty much impossible. Our fan base has dwindled, maybe not in absolute numbers but certainly in relative terms compared to the rest of the football league.

And they say we are a well-run club!

The only positive is that you have to be really bad to drop out of this division. If we do, I don’t think we’ll be coming back any time soon.


I don’t get this argument about players not being our own. Barnsley got promoted a few years back with 5 loan players in the team most weeks. This site was full of people complaining about that. Just another stick to beat the Club it seems to me. You might quibble about the quality of the loanees but that is a different issue. We have 5 loan players out of a squad of 24.I would guess most teams at our level have similar numbers.


So was I and so were most on here at the time.

Compare the quality of the loan players we get… versus the quality others get.

Not got a problem with loan players - the main issue being our only striking option is on loan.


If I had a pound for every time someone referred to Barnsley :joy::joy:

You do realise they were loaned the quality of player who wouldn’t come anywhere near this club.

That’s the difference.


It doesn’t always my friend. Look what Nicholl and Lee achieved on relatively small budgets and ,of course, Graydon had one of the smallest budgets when he took us up first time. Money helps but team building and coaching matter much more. I am sure with the players we have playing more than one up front would yield better results.

So we agree it is about quality rather than quantity.

Completely baffles me when I read stuff about our spine being good, or we have the basis of a very good side.

Our best players are average and the rest are crap. Add in the massive holes in the squad and we are exactly where we deserve to be.



Well it is fair to mention them when people go on about the number of loanees. The quality issue is a separate debate.

Definitely. Who would you say is genuine quality for the level we are playing at in our squad? Players that genuinely influence a football match in a positive way on a regular basis?

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Do fans not judge players using their eyes anymore?

We can’t score, are easy to score against, have no players who really excite (more so now Khan has gone) and yet still “we have the makings of a good team” etc

Absolute drivel.

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We are really poor. There just isn’t very much of anything in those players.

To be told they are ‘supremely talented’ is up there with anything Whitney ever said. Utter crap.

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Of the loanees I think Rushworth, Meneyese and Miller have been good additions to the squad. Shade has been disappointing and Phillips is a conundrum. I am sure there is a good player there but we haven’t seen that very often.

People have different views on players.Always have and always will but I am sure that if we played more than one up front this team would be better placed than it is now. My opinion OK?

Reliable mediocrity would be an improvement on most of the current squad.

Based on what? Genuinely not being funny but I have seen little to suggest that

I don’t think they have been bad signings. Rushworth hasn’t seemed the same player recently. Menayese I would have had down for player of the season until the past few weeks. Miller, I dunno I have defended him to be fair, he really really needs a goal.

The other managers and sides you mentioned had real genuine quality though. Nicholl had O’Connor, Houghton, Wilson, Lightbourne. Those are what you call quality players, that stand out and shine bright. Our better players are just alright.