Hat tricks

Was tonight the first time ever that a different Saddler has scored a hat trick in two consecutive games. I cannot remember any.

I asked the same tonight

I’m sure that our “stattos” can oblige! Maybe Tony Richards and Colin Taylor, perhaps?

I make it 1954-5 season.

4.4.55 Don Dorman v Northampton (H)
9.4.55 Tony Richards v QPR (H)


I am sure I heard/read that when Isaac scored his hat trick last week he was our youngest player to do so. That record didn’t last long !! Congratulations to both Isaac and Freddie.
Separately I am loving the attempts by other players with their forward rolls; Owen Evans was last nights winner at this. Great to see such unbridled joy.


My first game at Fellows Park - we won 6-1 and I was understandably hooked.


Conflicting reports re 1954-5. The History of Walsall book by Tony Matthews states that Dorman scored a hat trick against Northampton yet the Walsall Observer claims he only scored two. I’m more inclined to believe the WO as the TM book is littered with mistakes. In that case it looks like December 1953 when Eddie Holding and Freddie Morris were the last two in the Xmas Day / Boxing day games v. Brighton. Unless anyone knows different?!


Surely it is the first time that we have had 2 players scored their first hatricks back to back.


Their first, but really hoping they are not their only ones for us.

He’s older than Ishy Demontagnac was, and The Buck was younger when he scored his hat-trick, but that was in the League Cup. Bobby Shinton was also younger than Isaac when he notched three in a League game against Huddersfield. I don’t know about any of those from days of yore.
Freddie though, must be in with a shout unless someone knows better. He’s younger than Ishy was, but I wonder if Cannonball beats him by a fortnight or so.

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I’m wondering if it is Matt Fryatt. I think he was short of his 19th birthday when he notched a triple against Huddersfield.

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Ishy was 20 I think. Matty Fryatt against Huddersfield in Jan 2005, think it was just before 19th birthday serves me right?

Just beat me to it :joy:

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I suddenly thought of it, I was thinking I had seen Fryatt get a hat-trick, but wasn’t 100% certain and I looked it up, then checked his age. We must have been doing similar at the same time. :laughing:

Fryatt seemed to get a lot of hattricks. He got 2 in consecutive games for Leicester.

Dorman did only score two. The second edition of the Matthews history of Walsall Football Club book corrected most (but not all) of the earlier mistakes. Although – presumably to make more money – the second edition had a different title: ‘The Saddlers: The Complete Record of Walsall Football Club’. Richards scored Dorman’s ‘hat-trick’ goal. Read more about that era here: https://www.walsallfcstore.co.uk/product/walsalls-greatest-tony-richards/

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