Heard on WM

Tonight. ( Wm put in place ).

Darrell Clarke to WM bloke …"We made mistakes that you people don’t notice or understand "

Last week. (Wm clueless).

"and that was an interview with Walsall’s James Hardy ,recent signing from Scottish club Fylde .


I heard the WM reporter say ‘Scottish’ Flyde
(to be fair he did sound new/young #notfromrounghere)

It drives me mental. Is it a BBC Directive to insist that sport or sport bulletins must be reported by a protected characteristic?

Any knowledge of any team or participants concerned would be a distinct disadvantage !

On the way back from Crewe I went against my better judgement and listened to Radio Franksy and I was surprised what I heard … at about 5.45pm I’m sure he uttered the word “Walsall” but I could be mistaken, perhaps he was just clearing his throat before wittering on about Veeellla again :roll_eyes:

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