Hearts pull out of Elijah Adebayo switch - Edinburgh Live

Adebayo going nowhere!!

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Now we’ll see DCs management skills , or not

DC played a blinder!!!

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All depends if we lose him on a free in the summer.


He certainly did. A masterstroke pretending not to know the rules must have convinced the “tarts” they were dealing with idiots. :grinning:


Are we speaking of the same person? I note the Edinburgh paper calls him Elijhad Adebayo.

Our man is, Elijah Anuoluwapo Oluwaferanmi Oluwatomi Oluwalana Ayomikulehin Adebayo…as we sing from the HomeServe end (if we were allowed!).


Perhaps a moderator could adjust the thread title to reflect this…


Must be our Elijah’s brother Elijad Adebayo

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The biggest concern would be him now downing tools!

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I was critical of WFC’s handling of this saga yesterday, with Clarke’s media byte and the official statement on the website, but this development has made me rethink my stance a little.

Hearts’ signing of this bloke today suggests that they wanted Eli either now, or not at all. I’m interpreting their agreeing terms, and particularly the going public about it, as an attempt to bully us into accepting a lowball offer. If nothing else, I doff my cap to the club for not letting a bigger club dictate to us… refreshingly long overdue.


We’ve just got to sing “there’s only one Elijah Anuoluwapo Oluwaferanmi Oluwatomi Oluwalana Ayomikulehin Adebayo” next time we are in the Banks’s.


You’d better start singing it in the first half then…


Agree credit when it’s due I think we all know if Bonser was still running the show he would have been gone at the first sign of a pound note I just hope this hasn’t turned his head and he doesn’t force the issue in the next few days.I hope we take a similar stance with Jules as well as for me he’s our best defender and has a lot of potential only issue there might be is I’ve been told a few times since he’s been at the club him and Clarke don’t really get on.

Give me an E, give me an L …


Actually, that would be loff to do. I’d join in.

I think the ‘caller’ would need his name on a bit of paper though!


Yes, because it is undoubtably true.


Hearts pulling out was probably due to Eli’s value going up after the Vale performance.
I don’t blame Walsall one bit for upping the price, if the Scottish club want him this is the amount we want.
Eli has improved enormously this season and so should his value.


The player hearts signed instead of Ade came on and scored two in the last ten minutes. If we had signed him he would probably still be on the bench



Decent header…