Im struggling too upload the picture

Anyone remember a “martin” number 24 when we had surestop on the top?

Im a bit lost here atm, Surely not Russell MArtin

To upload a picture just tap the picture icon when you’re posting. It’s in the top line of options above the text box, or bottom right if you’re on your phone, for some reason.

That will be Dave Martin - 4 games on loan from Derby early on in the 2011-12 season.

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Yeah, there’s only him or Russell Martin that appear to have that surname to have played for Walsall.

My pal got a signed shirt of his and offering it me…

Any use too anyone ?

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I would contact Dave Martins kids :rofl::wink:

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Maybe someone needs something to buff the silverware with.

Offers there too anyone.

If @Simon can get his Wayback time machine working, he might be able to drag up a post mentioning him from a match thread on one of the games where he wore the shirt?

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Be my guest, gents:


This would appear to have been his last game for us (he managed to get himself sent off!)

Its not much too me but like i say if any one can make use drop me a line