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Here we go again. Why do we make it so hard?


Another Category A game yesterday. Less than 4,000 of us in attendance. As demonstrated elsewhere, barely anyone it seems paying on the day. It was cold, windy, wet and it seems folk just don’t fancy it, despite it apparently being a prestigious game.

Our nearest professional club is Albion. A level above us. Far more seats and a bigger spread of what might be deemed attractive and unattractive fixtures. So it could be far more complex and expensive right?

Oh, wait, here it is. All games and no differential around advance/pay on the day, with a nice sliding scale for younger supporters whether accompanied or not.

Simplicity itself. And you could argue as to why it should have to be more complicated than that. Over to you Walsall FC. What a bleeding mess this lot is. And this doesn’t quite cover it either. You also need to work out if the game you are attending is a category A or B game too!


Well put…I like the simplicity and sliding scale for youngsters that WBA use.


It makes perfect sense if the intention is to deter casuals and new blood. Not saying that’s definitely the case but it’s increasingly becoming the simplest explanation that fits the facts.


Thanks for the analysis PT. Would appear we have a very subtle rather clever pricing structure. That clever fewer fans than ever can be bothered to decipher it. Who on earth comes up with these ludicrous structures?


The snooker must be boring :wink:


pretty straight forward if you ask me … if you find yourself free to go to a game on a saturday and a neutral … errrr

let’s go to the Albion shall we


so if i read this right i could take my 9 year old daughter to the albion to watch them against a top championship club for the same price as us versus someone like fleetwood or rochdale ect? that cannot be right surely?


Probably Killer. The fact that you need to begin your post with “if I read this right” and I begin mine with “probably” demonstrates how our pricing structure is akin to cracking the Da Vinci Code.

I think the answer is “it depends”. If you are a Season ticket holder in the middle Homeserve and you take your daughter to pay on the day then I “think” she would have to pay £12.50. This is 150% more than the equivalent seat at the Albion.

If you’re not a Season ticket holder you could get a family ticket for roughly the same as it would cost for you both to go to the Albion.

The club’s answer would be that she should join the Tufty Club or the Blazing Squad (or whatever) and then she could effectively watch for free.

When she is say 9 or 10 years older then there are undoubtedly more scenarios where she will be better off going to watch Albion. This comes right back to Funk’s son being able to watch The Blues for less money than coming to Walsall. And, if things stay as they are now, she will be watching a better grade of football, enjoying better facilities etc at Albion and Blues rather than watching their fringe players on loan at Walsall.

There are two big things here. One is the complexity. Second is the value. I’ve just read the minutes of the latest Club/Trust meeting and on this issue. Silence.


But have we not considered the MASSIVE subsidy that WBA have from parachute payments…


Which primarily subsidises their wage bill


Parachute payments have nothing to do with the complicated nature of our ticketing structure.


The complex nature of that list really is ridiculous.

Does anyone know why we have to have such varying prices for each different part of the ground?

Main Stand £22.50
Family Stand £22.00
Lower Tier £18.50
Upper Tier £22.00
Away £20.50

I get the lower being cheaper as it should be but if we use £22 as the benchmark why is the main stand more and the away fans less? There must be some reason behind all this.

Those prices are also the Cat B advanced prices. The cheapest you can possibly get. No wonder we don’t get many through the gates.


Daft. Making something up, and without thinking about the exact pricing point (compared to other clubs), it should just be £20 flat fee, £18 for the lower tier (fill it up!). No A/B categories. Half price for kids. Any additional promotions (family tickets) applied in season tickets.


I don’t understand why the main stand blocked by pillars costs more than a perfect view in the upper. Our club is ■■■■■■■ weird.

Make it the same price in all stands
£17 adults
£13 concession
£10 kids
FREE kids under 10

Simple. More affordable. No hassle.


Agree. Surely the Upper Tier is the best seat in the house with the most up-to-date facilities, so why isn’t it priced as such?


Yep. I wouldn’t mind paying an extra couple of quid on the pricing structure I suggested to sit in the middle/upper. We’re a strange club.


Simpler and fairer the better.


The fact that the club charge home fans £20+ to sit in two stands where you’re likely to have at least some viewing restriction is puzzling in itself.


£15 in all parts of the ground (apart from middle and upper tier £20) . £7.50for under 18s and OAPS bring season tickets down in accordance… Do this for a 1 year experiment if we get an extra 800 to1000 each game sure that would cover the shortfalll and start us off to creating an atmosphere at the Bescot UTS


Get the catering and bar service sorted too, in order to maximise revenue.