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Here we go again. Why do we make it so hard?


When I started going in the mid 80s there used to be a football special bus from Chase Terrace. Helped me and my mates get to the games easily.


I used to catch it, wasn’t the driver called Derrick? Used to pick up outside old sportsman on lichfield rd Brownhills then on to the George and dragon in rushall to pick up patto duzza and pezza lol there was a black lad that used to knock around with them, Phil Edwards brother he was deaf and dumb and the lads had given him a nick name ( it was rhyming slang so I won’t post on here) but it wasn’t until I saw him years later that I realized what it meant :see_no_evil:


When I lived in Shelfield I used to catch one by the Spring Cottage.Before that I lived in the Butts and either walked all the way or caught the special from Bradford Place. Good times and although bus travel is not so popular now the reintroduction of some services could be tried. I think there was an attempt a few years back with a bus from either Bloxwich or Brownhills but that didn’t get the support to keep it going.
This whole thread demonstrates that we desperately need new leadership and thinking over a whole range of issues if we are to revitalise our support although results like yesterdays should help in the short term.


There’s really no need for a bus from Bloxwich, not with trains running every 30 minutes.


agreed perhaps the bus I am thinking of did come from Brownhills.


It’s clear we need a complete overhaul of our ticketing price arrangements as soon as possible. To pay £23.50 in the Homeserve Upper for a so-called Category A game in League One against Coventry just weeks before Christmas (leaving aside the ticketing restrictions) is simply insane.
We need to simplify and reduce the pricing, publicise it effectively and make it as easy as possible for supporters to access the cheapest deal to watch a match. Oh, and get rid of this Category A and B nonsense. Every match in League One is Category B. Is it really that hard?


I would be interested in knowing how many home supporters on average are “pay as you go” as opposed to season ticket holders.


What’s worse for me is Boxing day.

They’ve put that to Cat A simply due to Bristol Rovers always bringing decent away support.

Boxing day should be a bumper 7k crowd but with the restrictions can’t see much above 5k.


Spot on. By inflating prices for Home fans they can inflate away prices. The result is nearly always that there are more empty seats than occupied ones.

It is short-sighted, cut-your-nose-to-spite-your-face stupidity.

I really hope that come March and Early Bird time that the club have looked at the stats and realised that a radical overhaul and simplification of our pricing structures needs doing.


They need to do this for us the supporter’s , and also to generate more bum’s on seat’s for the club’s benefit



If a thousand away fans pay an extra 3 quid that is the equivalent of around 150 extra fans attending.


But that price increase for the one game to sting the away fan probably reduce’s more than 150 home supporter’s that would of been going without the price hike


Sorry - yes, that was exactly the point I was trying to make (obviously not very well :rofl: )


Category A game my arse . Just trying to squeeze that bit more from supporters when they should be looking to get a traditionally better attendance on a Boxing Day it infuriates me​:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::-1:t2::-1:t2::-1:t2::frowning::frowning::frowning:


Summary: The club squeeze the loyal supporters for every penny while doing nothing to encourage the next generation - because more supporters equals more hassle. You see that from how the board react every time fans create a new initiative to improve the experience - like Upper the Saddlers or home fans behind both goals. The club don’t really care about getting more fans in - they’ve done the maths and they’ve worked out they can pay the rent off with the commercial income and minimal season tickets so that’s mission accomplished in terms of our raison d’être.

Then, if there is ever a murmur from fans about our ‘lack of ability to afford quality players’ they can just blame it on the supporters for not turning out in bigger numbers and attending games and not filling our aged ground with lacklustre facilities and ridiculously expensive tickets and say “how can we compete on poor gates? If we got an extra thousand on the gate it would make a huge difference, it’s not our fault” despite literally themselves being the main cause for people getting so ■■■■■■ off they don’t go anymore. You couldn’t make it up.

Pay the rent cheque, tick over, intervene if things get so bad they threaten the regularity of said rent cheque (see: March 2018)

Results and league positions season on season are almost irrelevant in this. From a support point of view the club is dying and has been for years. ■■■■ facilities, over-inflated prices, no clear plan, awful communication with supporters. That’s why it’s always “all the lads and lasses, all the same old faces”. What happens when they die off then, Jeff and co?

Oh to have an owner like Stanley have - someone who really cares about the club and the community it represents.


But don’t forget:-

“JB is the saviour of our club” and “Without JB there’d be no Wasall FC”

and other various utter ■■■■■■■■.


Well free football for youngsters is good when you can afford Early bird tickets however we have clearly got it wrong for those who cannot and those who might become regulars. I would never have started coming, aged 14 ,if the prices were the equivalent of todays


I said the very same thing in another post recently, most of his input HAS been from his own purse strings, unlike Bonser’s ‘presumed’ input.


Even our ground expansion was funded by a football charity fund as opposed to our chairmans cheque book…


And as soon as the club invest in ground improvements it allows the landlord to increase the rent.

They must be decisions that the club owner deliberates over for … milliseconds.